7 Reasons Why You Should Go for Dedicated Server Hosting

7 Reasons Why You Should Go for Dedicated Server Hosting

Mon Feb 01, 2021
Waqas Waheed

Do you really want your business to grow exponentially? 

Let’s accept the fact that your business has to be upgraded from the initial stages to the next big-stage for long-term profits!

Shared hosting provides you limited space and most probably you would soon hit the “TIME-OUT” zone!

So, what hosting plans you should choose to uplift your profit?

Well, hands up! Because we would be kicking in the first-rated techniques to grow your business!

Dedicated server hosting can provide you with all the space, control, and speed you need to grow your business online!

It provides you high authorizations of server controls where you can customize and administer your web server yourself!

The advantages of dedicated server hosting are off the charts!

The Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting!

Without further ado, let us list down the benefits of dedicated server hosting:


  1. Offers Full Control Over Your Server
  2. Unique IP Address
  3. Flexibility 
  4. Excellent Web Performance 
  5. Highly Protected  
  6. Increased Web-Space 
  7. No Maintenance Purchases

1. Offers Full Control Over Your Server

What if you want to expand your web presence?


What if the web design or format is pinching you and you are thinking to change?

Well, shared hosting does not allow you to grow much, because you’ve got a limited server space.  

Shared hosting is all about collaborative hosting where you have to cope with your partners and manage your website within the space and bandwidth provided!

But …

Dedicated servers provide you with the full-time authority of your server!

You are granted the power to administer your servers where you can launch any program!

You can decide which operating system (OS) you want to use, handle your hardware settings, or install any software of your choice.

Have a look at this image below to gain a better understanding of how dedicated server hosting offers more control:

In a nutshell, dedicated servers are your personal space where you can initiate unique installations and programs, which would help to enhance the website performance and speed.

If you’re serious about your company’s growth, then let your business grow under a free hosting environment provided by the best hosting services in Pakistan!  

2. Unique IP Address

Each server comes with a unique IP address.

Shared hosting provides a single IP address to a group of people.

In case, any of your partners turn out to be a BIG spam, your website’ ranking would drop!

In a sense, your website won’t be able to appear on the top in Google’s search results. Which means, you’d be losing loads of potential customers to the competition!

That’s why, you need to jump onto dedicated servers.

A dedicated server turns out to be the best option if you want to develop your own business identity without sharing the server space with any third party.

Further, it turns out to be useful for installing specific programs which demand individual IP address!

With these servers, you can work in an independent environment! Without the interference of any participant to retard your IP’s ranking! In such a critical situation, the hosting service providers have to block the spam participants which can affect your email services as well.

Choosing a dedicated server hosting plan would grant you full-time privacy along with better chances of succeeding when working on your website’s Search Engine Optimization.

Where you are far away from the menacing outcomes when others are at fault, this not only provides you a private square but along with that it enhances the success of your business!

If you own a business website in Pakistan that receives loads of web traffic and are looking for hosting services within the nation, then a dedicated server hosting plan would be perfect for you!

3. Flexibility 

For many of the dedicated server owners, flexibility is another key benefit!


Because, shared hosting only provides limited customer benefits that include the limitations of applications, software or are bound to use the pre-installed operating systems (OS).

Or, they might offer a package that is not that useful for you or it lacks the features that you’re looking for in a hosting plan.

The solution for breaking down these limitations is dedicated server hosting.

This type of hosting helps you to fulfill your needs by installing any software of your choice, adding new RAMs, more disk space, or a better-performing CPU.

If you’ve started receiving huge amount of traffic on your website then go for the dedicated server hosting provided by the best hosting services in Pakistan

4. Excellent Web Performance 

The loading performance plays a vital role in increasing your website’s ranking!

Poor loading speed pushes visitors out of your website!

 A recent research proves that around 79% of the users won’t return to the slow websites.

This means you would be left with a lower ratio of the audience that would lead to a lower ratio of profit!

Don’t forget that the users are always looking for a fast and responsive website.

They are eager to jump back and find their solutions on any other platform!

Don’t believe us? Have a look at these stats below:

This is why your webpage must load with a blazing-fast speed!

Shared hosting holds several participants and each one of them is working on the same server!

Several tasks when performed at the same time can slow down the CPU and RAM’s response.

This creates a chaos of traffic which raises the possibility of times where your website would painfully struggle to load!

Or, in severe cases, it might even refuse to respond!

Dedicated servers eliminate all the extra traffic that turns out to be an obstacle to your website’s performance leaving you with a smooth website performance!

5. Highly Protected  

When it comes to business, security criteria are not possible to compromise.

Especially, with a hive of customers who are sharing their data for product delivery!

Risking your customer’s private data would tear down your business’s profits and standards!

Shared hosting can provide privacy until you’re hosting with one of the trust worthy companies. However, they have their own security rules and concerns that might not suit your client.

But, the possibility of any unknown participant’s potential efforts to hack your data remains there.

Shared server hosting is one of the sensitive platforms which stumbles under a high-risk of virus or other suspicious attacks!

Further, they do not encourage your participation in case of any latest installments or launch of antiviruses!

It might take few days or even months before you realize about the new installments!

Dedicated servers work differently!

As mentioned earlier, this type of hosting does not include the interference of different participants.

This means your data is far beyond the reach of hackers!  

While you remain the security administers of your server, your chosen hosting services provider may also offer to serve you with additional services.

That includes server maintenance, security alerts, software installations, and much more!

Furthermore, you can grab an SSL Certificate for your server which initiates the confidentiality of your website!

This would reinforce the customer’s trust and they’d share their data without any fear!

Well, have a glance at the multiple advantages that come with an SSL certificates:

With the collaboration of dedicated server providers, you would not only be granted a private-space but along with that your headache for maintaining the security would be eliminated as well.

6. Increased Web Space

If your daily visitors and customers have increased, then congratulations because your company is on its way to hit the jackpot!

But wait…

With substantial website traffic, remaining on a shared hosting server could jeopardise your financial assets.

For the huge amount of data of these increasing customers, you probably need more space!

But shared hosting only provides you limited space that can hardly handle a handful of customer’s data!

There is a solution to every problem if you choose a dedicated server hosting plan.

They provide you with increased bandwidth where you can manage innumerable customers and their data with robust loading speed and a smooth web performance!

Further, if you want heavy installations or an antivirus, a dedicated server with its large web-space is the perfect option for you!

So why not partner up with best dedicated server hosting provider who’re providing services throughout the world including Pakistan with higher bandwidth and larger hard disk space.

7. No Maintenance Purchases

If you want to stay focused on your business and save your extra time of server maintenance, then you should go for managed dedicated server hosting.

These servers allow you to stay on your business track while they keep refreshing the maintenance of your server.

It handles the costs that arrives with the maintenance of server equipment and server building which reduces the cost of purchasing your own servers as well.

Well, if you run a buisness in an area like Pakistan and want to reduce the maintenance purchases then the best dedicated hosting sounds perfect for you!

Before choosing any of the dedicated hosting server make sure your hosting provider has all the features listed above!

When Should You Buy a Dedicated Server Hosting Plan?

Now you know that dedicated hosting is enriched with incredible features!


It does not mean that you should straight away get your hands-on dedicated servers!

If you want to opt for the right benefits at the right time make sure you consider the following points before making the decision:

  • Is Your Website Receiving More Traffic? 

If your business is growing day by day, then there is no better option except the dedicated servers!

Make sure, before heading towards these servers your website receives a much higher audience. After all, you don’t want to waste money on a hosting plan that offers way too many features than your website needs.

  • Maintain a Balance Between Your Budget and Hosting Charges! 

Dedicated servers are expensive enough!

This means if you have not yet grabbed enough profit for kicking into dedicated servers, you might fall into a quagmire!

This is why you need to plan your budget first and see if your company can stimulate enough future profits.

So, you can handle your finances on the ball!  

After considering these focal points… you are ready to move on!

So, are you ready to upgrade your hosting plans? Well, find the best cheap dedicated servers in Pakistan and let them help you grow your business!


Waqas Waheed
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