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Is your current domain provider not fulfilling all your expectations? We’ve got you covered with our FREE, quick, and easy domain transfer service. Our team can handle the migration process and we can get you up and running in no time at all! Here’s how it all goes:

Step 1

Unlock the Domain

First things first, in order to transfer a domain, you’d need to check and confirm that the said domain isn’t locked. For that, contact your current registrar for details and make sure the “Domain Lock” is disabled.

Step 2

Get an Authorisation code

Next up, you’d need to get an authorisation code from your current registrar, it is also often referred to as a transfer key or EPP code. Also, in order to carry out the desired task, we’d need approval from your domain’s Administrative Contact. The request is sent in the form of an e-mail, and your transfer request may be denied in case the e-mail address is invalid on the current domain registration information.

Step 3

Let us Handle the Rest

Now that you’ve provided us with an authorisation code and the “Domain Lock” on the said domain is disabled, you can sit back and relax while our team handles the rest.


Expired Domains aren’t Transferable

Whenever in need of a domain transfer, always remember that an expired domain cannot be transferred.


An Uplift for You

All the domains transferred to WebSouls are automatically renewed for one year through our auto-renewal service. Which means, if you transfer a domain to WebSouls, you can stay carefree for a whole year without worrying about your domain being accidentally lost or expired.

Note: This procedure solely meant for the transfer of routine TLDs such as .com .org .net .ae etc. Some TLDs carry different transfer procedures. For further information, please contact Sales Department.

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Our experts can transfer your website and get you onboard for FREE. With us, migration is like ripping off a band aid – quick and painless!

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