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SSL Certificate in Pakistan

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Frequently Asked Questions

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SSL stand for Secure Socket Layer and it’s a great way of validating your web identity. An SSL certificate encrypts the information that a visitor sends to, or receives from your website. This way, it keeps your customers’ sensitive data safe and protected from thieves and hackers.

After you’ve successfully issued your SSL certificate, we’d send you an email to let you know about it. Whatever happens next very much depends on where your site is currently hosted, and also the options you selected while getting the SSL certificate.

In case you buy one of our managed hosting packages, we’d take care of all the heavy-lifting for you.

The type of SSL certificate that you should get depends upon various factors, including your current location, whether you own a business or a personal website, the number of domains you want to protect, and the type of hosting server you use. You can contact our sales representatives for further information and detailed guidelines.

How your website is designed and developed is totally up to you. Nevertheless, your visitors will know that your site is safe for online transactions when they see the HTML code that would be displayed in their browser bar.

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