SEO in 2021 – Reasons Why SEO Services Are Still Not Dead

SEO in 2021 – Reasons Why SEO Services Are Still Not Dead

Thu Feb 04, 2021

Is SEO dead?

This is the most frequently asked question since the beginning of 2021 and the answer to this question is a BIG NO!

According to Pakistan’s best digital marketers and SEO experts “SEO is not dead”!


 Now, jump in to discover the reasons why SEO is still alive! 

Massive competition Does Not Mean SEO is Dead!

Why a huge ratio of marketers is preparing the funeral of SEO? Well, well, well…

The reason is that with the rise of competition SEO has manifested drastic alterations! Can you even imagine how many clicks are taking place on Google’s search engine daily?

Around 193.2 million clicks are taking place on google search engines every day! 

Every single day! 

This is a good opportunity for you to hit your target audience through your content. Every business owner including you is probably is targeting the audience through contents

But the content uploaded on a daily basis is creating a massive buzz on Google! Look at the number of search results of web hosting services  in the image below:

509 million results for just “SEO services!”. This amount of services, business websites, and blog articles have already been published for SEO services and more are on their way! 

Well, this goes for every search result, there are millions of webpages ready to provide the right solution. In this case, only top-ranking pages stand out to be the kings!

On top of that, Google has triggered snippets and answering machines on front pages which has drastically reduced the website clicks. Even one of the case studies has proved that with these answer machines their ranking has manifested a drastic drop from 47 to 7%. 

These snippets are providing enough information that the user does not feel the need to jump into

any website! In the image below, Google itself seems to be a blog-post! 

So, does this mean that your website’s ranking would drop or SEO has lost its fragrance?


Because Google is the lifeline of SEO and it is leading the entire internet. You just need to grab the right strategy from the best SEO agency!

Such as, in the above case the websites that are providing the snippets and short answers are on top of everyone! This way SEO has undergone innovations that are pretty different from the strategies used decades ago.

And, the marketers who’re predicting the end of SEO are unaware of the fact that till Google keeps on relishing in our mobiles or laptops SEO would never die but would keep on evolving!   

5 Solid Reasons Why SEO Services Are Still Not Dead in 2021

We’ve listed the incredible reasons and jaw-dropping stats that would prove that SEO is still not dead! No matter whether you are running a business in Pakistan or any other country, the best SEO agency would help you to overcome upcoming marketing barriers. 

So, without further ado let’s dive in…

  • Google is The Largest Search Platform

Around 1.5 billion people are using Google for their daily searches. With such a huge number of users, Google is dominating every other search engine and social media platform.

You don’t believe us? Then have look:

Google holds a 92.54% share of the entire search engine. This huge amount of ratio is proof that Google is still the leading platform! People are still using Google as a major tool in their search.

But what’re the alterations and how google is working along with those alterations?

Google in the past was used for purchasing and on the other hand platforms like Instagram were used for entertainment and discovery.

But these trends have been swapped.

In 2020 Instagram would be the leading e-commerce platform and Google would be the discovery channel. 

Which means…

The business owners need to terminate their sell-on-Google tactic and should stimulate educational or awareness blogs on Google for reinforcing the user’s purchase decision. 

This has worked really well. Many business owners claim that their clicks sprang back to life once they started promoting awareness rather than selling.

Well, if you also want to receive millions of clicks then don’t miss partnering up with a reliable and cheap SEO services provider in Pakistan

  • Google Only Ranks the Webpage People Are Interested In

Google’s algorithm focuses on user experience rather than on backlinking or certain keyword density.

This means Google would only show things that the users are looking for. Depending upon the demands of users, Google keeps on swapping the ranking of pages.

The journey of one webpage from 5th to 1st ranking means that it is being widely clicked by the users. There is no need to worry if your content is providing all the solutions your users are seeking. 

If the site has loads of backlinks but the quality of content isn’t good and the domain doesn’t have much authority, it doesn’t have much chances of ranking on the first page of Google’s search results! Have a look at the stats below:

This proves that around 28% of the entire ranking depends upon the content. Or, in other words, the authentic and valid solutions provided by any particular webpage in form of content.

With a 92.54% share of Google’s search engine and world-class solutions, your SEO optimized website is more likely to rank on top pages.

This is how SEO has evolved from e-commerce platforms to a booklet of solutions!

  • Google Personalization is Based on Individual’s Interest

You might have noticed that whatever you search it would be different from any other person.

Do you know what is Google up to?

Google is up to enhancing the user experience! Anywhere you use google, from your mobile phone to your car’s GPRS Google personalizes the results for you.

Google understands each individual’s interest and upgrades the search results according to that. This is the reason why Google is being widely accepted.

Apart from your daily experiences, personalization plays a mandatory role in business purposes as well. Consumers and daily users are loving the personalized web pages which further reinforces their purchase decisions.

This means that consumers are not yet ready to switch personalized google! 

Further, if you want to hit the mark in 2021 then don’t forget to choose the best digital marketing experts in Pakistan that are providing affordable and results-driven SEO services right at your doorstep! 

  • Google Assembles Data from Every Platform 

Google is very well aware that every user is spending a great deal of time on applications that are free from Google’s ownership.

The point is, Google keeps a check and balance on social media’s top trending searches, to optimize their results as per the user’s interest.

This means Google knows about whatever your consumers are searching on other platforms. 

While working out the placement of rankings they gather data from everywhere! They keep on updating their system with the latest trends!

  • Mobile Phones Are Uplifting the Use of Google

Decades before Google was limited to few screens only. But, today the use of mobile phones has increased more than ever. It has transformed into an essential need in 2021. 

You will see almost every individual holding this small gadget. Around millions of people are using mobile phones which is further predicted to rise around 7.1 billion users in 2021. 

For example, if you own a business of   handmade Pakistani rugs , then you can probably hit a huge amount of your target audience in just seconds by optimizing your website for the right target keywords

Well, mobile phones are the homes of Google. This means every time a mobile phone is switched on Google would spring to life. With so many people conducting searches on Google every single minute, how can Search Engine Optimization be dead?

Well, now you know that Google will never allow you to prepare the funeral of SEO! This means evolving SEO would be having the same power in 2021. And if you don’t want to throw your investments out of the window just because of a few myths, then shake hands with the best SEO service providers in Pakistan. 

And don’t forget…

Your website’s speed is one of Google’s most important ranking factors! So, make sure your website runs at a blazing fast speed by investing in  the best web hosting provider. With SEO optimized content and excellent website performance your website is more likely to rank on top of google search results!

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