7 Essential Features Every Web Hosting Plan Must Have

7 Essential Features Every Web Hosting Plan Must Have

Mon Jan 08, 2024
Waqas Waheed

A web host has a variety of effects on a website. A Pakistani hosting company affects your website's performance, security, scalability, and usability.

However, selecting web hosting is quite challenging.

SSD Disk space, bandwidth, security, and other web hosting services vary amongst hosting companies. Knowing what you need and what you can live without is crucial.

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Web Hosting: What Is It?

The act of putting all of your website's files on a server is known as web hosting.

Consider it your virtual office. Similar to how a physical office requires a physical space, a digital office requires a digital space. That online space on servers is rented out by a web host for the files on your website.

It is one of the most basic things that you’d need when launching your website on the web.

Web hosting services typically assist you with website maintenance, including backups, security, and uptime, in addition to storage.

Various Pakistani hosting options are available. Your needs and priorities will determine which option is best for you. A plan should take into account these web hosting features.

1. SSD Disk Space

One of the two fundamental things that a web hosting provider does is offer SSD disk space or storage. Many files make up a website's graphics and determine what occurs when you click a button.

You require those files on web servers supported by physical data centers in order to host a website.

A Pakistani hosting package is required as it has the necessary amount of disk space because the files use SSD storage.

For user-submitted material, you need room, in addition to the files needed for the website to function. For instance, you require additional storage space to enable requests for users to contribute photographs or videos.

2. Uptime

Uptime is one of the most important aspects of web hosting that small companies and newly established website owners overlook.

The greater the uptime, or the percentage of time your website is up and accessible to users, the better.

The top web hosting services offer high uptimes by providing:

  1. Backup servers: If the server that is hosting your website goes down in Pakistan, you can be confident that a backup server will quickly bring it back online.
  2. Backup servers in different places: if a natural disaster strikes, a duplicate server in the same data center won't keep your website up. But imagine there are duplicate servers in several data centers on various continents or corners of the country.

In such instances, your website has a considerably greater probability of being up and accessible.

Additionally, some web hosts provide a money-back uptime guarantee. They compensate you if they don't keep their commitment.

3. Bandwidth

Another crucial service offered by hosting solution providers is bandwidth. It gauges a server's ability to transport data in a certain amount of time.

If you want your website to load quicker, having enough bandwidth is essential since loading time is the duration of the time it takes to transport website files. Get your own dedicated web server or search for one that pools its resources with only a few other websites if you want large bandwidths.

For instance, dedicated hosting is an expensive Pakistani hosting package that gives you greater control and server resources because your website has its own server.

The available bandwidth is restricted in other plans like virtual private servers (VPS) and shared hosting, although they are often less expensive.  

Due to physical restrictions, there is always a speed limit on the bandwidth that you get with any kind of shared hosting plan.

4. Website Builder

Nowadays, creating a website is not challenging. Site builders are a common tool offered by many web hosting companies.

For instance, a website builder is a drag-and-drop website design tool that provides 300+ pre-made themes to make website development simple. Users may develop responsive designs that fit all screens with the help of its integrated Smart AI.

5. Domain Names

The Internet address for your online presence is your domain name. Without using IP addresses, it was created to locate and recognize online entities. Free domain name registration is frequently part of Pakistani hosting packages.

Some website owners buy a domain first (for business emails) and then choose a different web host.

Therefore, the domain owner must have the choice to transfer the name to another registrar.

6. Backups

Backing up your website is crucial.

Even with the strongest website security, a vulnerability might still strike and bring your website to a halt.

This implies it's crucial to have a solid backup plan. A competent server should be able to quickly restore your website and regularly do automated backups of it to guard against data loss.

7. Customer Support

You can run into problems administering and developing your website. The top-notch technical support staff is crucial in certain circumstances.

The top Pakistani hosting companies offer 24/7 customer assistance through a variety of methods, including:

  1. Chatbots
  2. Forums
  3. Live Chat
  4. Email Support
  5. Calls
  6. Knowledge bases

Your website's success might be determined by the web hosting package you choose.

Take the time to decide which Pakistani hosting company features you want before signing up for one. This will make it simpler for you to discover a service that offers everything you require, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

Sign up for a Websouls plan right away if you're seeking a dependable hosting partner who values your business and you.

Waqas Waheed
The author Waqas Waheed

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