How to Check if a Domain Name is Available?

How to Check if a Domain Name is Available?

Wed Jul 06, 2022
Waqas Waheed

Choosing the ideal domain name for your new website might be challenging. You need a domain name that not only accurately describes your website but is also brief, memorable, catchy, and resonates with your brand’s personality.

Thanks to various tools, you can not only choose the ideal domain name but also conduct a domain name check to see weather a certain domain name is available or not.

In the sections below, you'll discover how to choose the ideal domain for your website and how to utilize a domain name checker to expedite securing your dream domain.

Finding The Right Domain Name

A domain name selection involves many factors.

Your website's URL should be memorable and appealing while summarizing your site’s content in a few words. Your domain will characterize your brand and be the first thing visitors will see. Your domain name will influence how people see your website, for better or worse.

In order to select the ideal domain name for your new website, consider the following suggestions:

1. Maintain a Low Character Count

Generally speaking, a domain name should be as short as possible.

Given that most of them were already used, it could be quite challenging to locate a shorter domain name. However, there may still be a one-of-a-kind term or word combination that is still usable.

When in doubt, choose something brief rather than lengthy.

Consider the time you would describe a website to a buddy. They are more likely to recall than, for instance.

2. Synchronize Your Domain Name with Your Brand

You desire a differentiation in your domain name check.

A distinctive domain name is usually preferable to a generic one that sounds eerily similar to your competitors' sites.

There's a good possibility that you're doing something unique when you create a brand. Ensure that this is reflected in your domain name.

Consider websites like Facebook, Google, DropBox, and Zillow as examples. Each of these websites has a distinctive and catchy name. Whether you combine two unrelated words or come up with new terms entirely, one thing is certain: you remember them.

3. Refrain from Using Numbers, Hyphens, and Other Characters

Having a memorable domain name might be very beneficial to your site's success.

Hyphens and digits may be quickly added to your domain name to make things more challenging.

Hyphens not only complicate the process of passing on your domain name check, but they also almost certainly result in many misspellings and hinder visitors from finding your website.

Which is simpler to recall and enter into your browser, for instance? or A better option may be or Numbers work in the same way. Your domain may appear spammy and harder to share if you add digits.

4. Create a Pronounceable Domain

Making it simple to pronounce is a crucial component of creating a domain name that is simple to remember. Your domain name shouldn't require a dictionary lookup to be spelled correctly when someone thinks about it.

Whether verbally or in writing, you want to make it simple for other people to spread the word about your domain name.

What are Domain Name Checkers?

Before domain name registration, you’d have to check whether a certain domain name is available or not. This is done through online domain name checkers.

Domain name check through these tools also allows one to view suggestions for additional domain names similar to the selected one by listing potential alternate domain names or extensions.

Other comparable domain discovery programs exist as well, although they are more geared at assisting you in coming up with original domain names while simultaneously checking for availability.

To check if a specific domain is available for purchase, there are a plethora of various domain name checkers you may utilize. These resources will often be included in the domain search tools provided by domain name registrars.

After all, if a domain isn't truly offered for sale, it cannot be purchased. In this case, the domain would already have been bought by another buyer, which is why it is often recommended to not delay registering your domain name.

What to do if a Domain Name Isn’t Available?

Consider a situation in which you have identified the ideal domain name, but it is listed as being taken by a domain name checker. This does not imply that your quest should come to a stop there.

In some circumstances, you might be able to make a bid on the domain or even choose an alternative domain name extension.

For instance, if the domain name check for ‘’ resulted in the domain being unavailable, you can check the availability of ‘’ or ‘’ instead and buy a .pk domain for your business in Pakistan.


Here we’ve explained the two possibilities:

1. Placing a Bid on the Domain Name

It might happen that someone else already owns the desired domain.

You may often get in touch with the owner and make a bid for the domain if it isn't already being used for a website or other online service.

The website for a domain name that belongs to someone else, for instance, is located here. The domain may be purchased by getting in touch with me.

Remember that the owner might not always react or that they might want more money than you're ready to pay. In most cases, placing a bid will need you to invest at least a couple hundred dollars. Many thousands of dollars can be spent on these domains at times.

In general, the simpler a domain name check is, the more expensive it will be.

It would be difficult to find a dictionary word domain for less than a few thousand dollars.

Expect some back-and-forth haggling when making a bid on a domain name until you agree on the selling price.

2. Choosing a Different Extension for Domain Name

Check. com domain price in Pakistan and .org, is the most widely used domain name extensions. The absence of these extensions does not, however, indicate that your quest should come to a stop.

Though it ultimately depends on the kind of website you're operating, in some circumstances, a different domain extension can even be more effective.

Think about the following issues before choosing a new domain name extension:

  1. Exists a website that already uses the extension I want?
  2. Will my brand be compatible if I use a different extension?
  3. Is it possible to obtain an alternative extension that doesn't feel spammy?
  4. Does anybody remember the new extension?

Generally speaking, you should pick a new domain name if the desired domain is already registered to a functioning website.

If not, you might violate someone else's copyright, which could result in a variety of legal problems.

Your time would be better spent coming up with a new domain than going through this pain.

You could get away with using a different extension if the one that you choose is already taken but not being utilized for a website. For instance, version of the domain name I wanted was already taken but wasn't being used, so I chose version.

Suppose you're completely committed to a certain domain name. In that case, this enables you to begin creating your website while eventually allowing you to purchase any other extensions using the revenue from your newly launched website.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the qualities to search for in a new domain name for your website and how to utilize a domain name checker to verify whether your ideal domain is truly accessible.

You shouldn't hurry the process of domain registration.

Use the domain name checkers above to your advantage until you discover a fantastic domain that captures the essence of what your website is all about while being memorable and snappy.

If you're ready, you may register your domain right here after that.

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