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Shared web hosting is an affordable hosting plan that’s perfect for small businesses and start-ups. Multiple website owners share resources of a single server to make their sites available on the internet. WebSouls offers various shared hosting packages that are light on the wallet and can fulfil all your website needs.

No prior technical knowledge is required for shared hosting. Just after you’ve ordered your service, we’d send you your login details as well as all the necessary information required to start your hosting journey.  In addition to this, we also offer quality support through live chat, email, and phone, so you can always hit us up in case of any questions.

The key difference between shared and businesses hosting is the number of clients per server. Apart from this, there are also certain limitations, such as the hourly emails. However, your website won’t be affected in any other way if you decide to go for shared server space.

Yes, you can always upgrade your package through a quick process and there’s no downtime. If you register more domains or need to use your account for hosting more websites, it’s quite easy to upgrade your package from Premium to Standard and to Professional hosting plan.

Unlimited hosting means that there won’t be any restrictions on amount of bandwidth, databases, FTP, and email IDs. This plan is perfect for you if you want to use your hosting account without worrying about overloading the server or affecting other users.

Our unlimited web hosting service comes with cPanel, so tasks such as managing your databases or adding/removing email accounts would be completely effortless.

On an Ultimate unlimited web hosting plan, you’d be able to host up to 5 domains. However, if you upgrade to Ultimate Supreme or Corporate, you can host multiple domain names and unlimited websites.

No. While you can host multiple websites or domain names on an unlimited hosting plan, you cannot divide it and resell. If you want to resell to your customers then we’d recommend you to opt for our Reseller Hosting plan.

A website creation software that powers up to 25% of the internet, WordPress provides easy to use templates for websites that are both beautiful and powerful. WordPress hosting is often the best bid for those who need a hosting solution that’s completely hassle-free and doesn’t require one to have much technical expertise.

Yes. Our team of experts can migrate your site free of charge and get you ready to go live instantly.

We provide hosting plans that are connected to the latest version of WordPress. So, once you’ve purchased a WordPress hosting package from us, you can just log in and start creating a site from your control panel. In case of any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact our team at any hour during the day.

No, it’s a part of process. After purchasing a WordPress hosting package from us you can start creating your site right away while we manage the technical stuff.