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For unmanaged VPS, you’d need to have an advanced level of technical knowledge, as well as a basic understanding of Linux, since you’d be configuring and updating your VPS hosting yourself. On the other hand, managed hosting is a piece of cake for you even if you aren’t familiar with the tech stuff, because the WebSouls team would be doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Yes, technical knowledge is required to manage a VPS server. Since this hosting plan offers more power and flexibility than the standard shared hosting, its server management is equally complex. It must be noted here that all our VPS hosting packages are unmanaged by default, however, you can go for a managed VPS hosting plan for more ease and simplicity.

As compared to a simple VPS hosting plan, SSD VPS offers increasingly remarkable speed so that your website gets a quick load time, better user experience, and ends up ranking high on Search Engine Result Pages.

Yes, we offer automated weekly backup as one of our Bundle Boosters for VPS hosting plans. Plus, you can also create a backup on demand whenever needed