4 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Web Hosting Now!

4 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Web Hosting Now!

Thu Apr 29, 2021
Waqas Waheed

When it comes to web hosting, newbies tend to choose a cost-effective plan that fulfills their business needs, such as shared web hosting. Although, shared hosting is perfect for initial years when you just have to tackle a handful of visitors, it’s not the best option for a rapidly growing website.

As soon as your commercial platform starts to thrive you need to jump to the pro-level plans to manage the huge traffic spikes. Else, your website might start crashing abruptly. 

But, how would you know when is the right time to upgrade your web hosting plan? 

Here in this blog, we’re going to break down 4 signs that indicate that you need to upgrade your hosting plan. 

So, let’s get into this…. 

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Hosting Plan? 

Well, the answer to this question depends upon the performance of your website. If your site is working fine enough on shared servers, then there is no need to jump on a dedicated server or a Virtual Private Server. However, it’s not always wise to stay on the same web hosting server. Such as, if you’re depicting a huge insurge in your website’s traffic in the coming future.

Here are the 4 signs that signal you need to upgrade your hosting plan today: 

  1. Frequent Downtime 
  2. Space Limitations 
  3. Slow Website Speed 
  4. Security Restrictions 


1. Frequent Downtime

More downtime means greater loss of revenue and profits! 

Understanding this concept is simple. If your website is not available online, how can people reach your products or find your services? 

Your site can go offline due to a number of reasons. Such as, a shared server’s limited bandwidth cannot tackle the sudden traffic spikes and as a result, your website has to suffer downtime. These accidents can keep on increasing over time. 

However, jumping from shared to VPS hosting can reduce such chances and the stress of having to contact your web hosting provider multiple times in a month.

Sometimes your hosting company has to conduct some technical repairing due to which your site might go offline. But, if you’ve partnered up with the best hosting company, then probably your web host would turn on their backup server or offer you a money-back guarantee. This is why you should invest in a quality web host

2. Space Limitations

Adding new content, installing unique software or plugins can help your website to grow faster. By simply optimizing your site regularly you can generate future leads and improve your traffic incredibly. 


This requires more space. 

Remember, SEO services are necessary for uplifting your ranking. But, more disk space is also important to boost your site’s visibility. So, if you find yourself restricted from using the increased bandwidth and disk space, then better say no to a shared server. Not upgrading your hosting plan can adversely affect your site’s performance and even increase downtime. 

Different types of websites require a certain amount of disk space. For instance, any marketer running an e-store in Pakistan would want to choose a Pakistani hosting company for his website, and he’d need space in GBs to manage high-quality images and SEO Blogs. 

However, for the website owners who don’t have to upload more pictures and videos, low disk space servers can work fine. It all depends upon your business needs and requirements. 

3. Slow Website Speed

Site performance is the key to online business success! 

Search engines only rank the websites with fast page-loading speed. And, guess what? A plethora of users bounce out of a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load! 

Thus, if your website struggles to load painfully within a few seconds, then it’s the right time to upgrade your hosting plan. To fulfill your customers' needs you ought to have a hosting plan with better resources and more bandwidth. 

Remember, the speed of a website highly depends upon the bandwidth offered by your host. It is the amount of data your website can transfer to your visitors. And, don’t forget more users require more bandwidth. 

Hence, to run your website at a blazing fast speed, upgrade to Business hosting or WordPress hosting because they offer unlimited bandwidth. And, make sure it loads at the same incredible rate for both mobiles and desktops. 

But, the question is how would you know that your website is performing fine enough? For this, you can test your website on different tools i.e., GTmatrixPageSpeed Insights, etc. Through these tools, you can conduct a full-page test and learn what kind of updates your website requires. 


4. Security Restrictions

Security is one of the major concerns of marketers. Whether you run an e-commerce store or a business website, you would surely want to safeguard your customers’ sensitive data that includes credit card details, transaction codes, etc. 

There exist more chances of attacks on shared servers. Because you never know who is working alongside you. Also, if one of the websites on a shared server get hacked, the hackers can get easy access toother websites as well. Have a look at the image below and see how different sites on shared hosting are connected through one server:

Do you see the difference?

With VPS you get your independent virtual server which generally provides better security and performance.

It’s always a good idea to choose a plan that offers multiple layers of protection between your users’ data and bad guys.

The best hosting company conducts automatic backups and regular scans to protect your data in every possible way, even on a shared server. But if you’re in doubt, do not risk your website’s security and upgrade to a more secure hosting package immediately! Or, you may also migrate to a higher quality web hosting service.


What to Look for When Upgrading a Hosting Plan? 

Choosing a hosting plan is a make-or-break future decision. Thus, it is important to make a well-thought-out decision and then choose your ideal package. 

Wondering what makes a perfect hosting plan? For this, you need to check some aspects that weigh its credibility and learn all the 7 things before getting any web hosting package

Here is the list of features every hosting plan must have:

  • Rock-Solid Security: 

As mentioned above, a website’s security cannot be compromised at any cost. This is why it is important to check whether your chosen plan offers you a variety of security features or not. 

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) 

CDN software is best if your services are for global users. It simply creates various copies of your site and shares them with other servers around the world to boost your website’s performance. Thus, make sure, the hosting plan you choose can give you access to a Content Delivery Network.

  • Flexibility and Affordability 

Switching from shared server to VPS and from VPS to dedicated server, this process keeps on going as per your website’s requirements. The problem can occur if your chosen host surprises you with expensive plans. Before making any choice, make sure the price is right. Else you might suffer in the coming years. 

  • Account Privacy 

It’s important to check that your hosting plan offers you a private account. Not just to run your site as per your choice, but also to safeguard your data as well. 

  • Unlimited Space  

Upgrading the hosting plan means spending more money. Still, if you could not enjoy your desired disk space, then choosing an expensive hosting plan isn’t worth it. 

  • 99.9% Uptime Consistency 

Whatever services you offer; your website should not suffer downtime. Else, you would alienate a steady stream of your potential customers. Ideally, with 99.9% uptime, your website stays online frequently. 


Website is the heart of your business and it should be on the right hosting plan if you want to run it smoothly. You don’t always need non-sharing servers, you can simply revamp your plans whenever your website starts to outgrow the space. 

In case, upgrading a hosting plan does not show visible results than this time to switch your host. Shake hands with the best web hosting company in Pakistan or wherever else you’re located! Because only ideal ones can offer you top-notch services.

Waqas Waheed
The author Waqas Waheed

With over 15 years of hands-on experience in web hosting and Linux, stands out as a practical expert in the field. At Websouls, he applies his deep technical skills to solve complex challenges, directly impacting the success of brands. Waqas's approach combines innovative problem-solving with a rich understanding of digital infrastructure, making him a key player in the industry. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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