6 Top Web Development Trends You Need to Know in 2021

6 Top Web Development Trends You Need to Know in 2021

Wed Jun 23, 2021
Shanawar Butt

Web development in Pakistan and all around the world is changing at an incredible speed, making websites super-interactive and more dynamic.

However, among the millions of pages only the sites that tend to provide a sensational user experience and load at a blazing-fast speed get the ideal audience.

But the question is, what is the key to website success? Following the latest web development tips and practices!

Want to learn them all? Read on and find out which trends are worth receiving your attention…  

Top 6 Web Development Trends That Can Grow Your Business

Even if you get the best web hosting services or go through an SEO-friendly domain name registration, a website that has a poor outlay and zero engagement cannot in any case help you increase your profits.

Remember, website is the first impression of your business and it should reflect your brand and services in the best possible manner. For this, keep the following trends in mind:  

  1. Voice Search Will Continue Growing
  2. Progressive Web Apps Would Rule!
  3. Push Notifications Will be the Key   
  4. More Emphasis on Motion User Interface
  5. Mobile-Friendly Websites Will Dominate the Web
  6. Artificial Intelligence Will Be More Important


1. Voice Search Will Continue Growing

Voice search is the next big thing!

It allows the users to search anything without typing their queries whether it’s about the latest SEO trends or anything else.

And, guess what?

The experts of web development services in Pakistan predict voice search is going to be the major searching tool in the future! Still, if you’ve any doubts, have a look at the image below:

Hence, if you haven’t optimized your website for voice search, then it’s the right time to do so.

To help you out, we’ve got you some tips:

  • Use schema markups and structured formatting
  • Draft voice-search friendly blogs
  • Stick with long-tail keywords
  • Add a FAQ page to your website
  • Optimize for featured snippets


2. Progressive Web Apps Would Rule!

Look around yourself and see what the biggest companies have in common?

Web applications!

You talk about Alibaba, Amazon, or any other website, most of them offer apps to their users.

This gives them an edge over their competitors, as their audience cannot only access their pages on desktops but also from other compatible devices. Most of these apps even work without the internet allowing the users to browse their services anytime and from anywhere.

Keeping this in mind, the web developers started considering a similar format, that is Progressive Web Applications (PWA). In reality, these are web pages but work just like the apps do.

Such as they offer easy navigations, push notifications, load data faster, and work offline. The bonus point is that PWA is highly affordable as compared to original mobile apps.

Further, here’re some more incredible benefits of PWA:

No matter, whether you’re reselling hosting or running an online clothing store in Pakistan, considering PWA can help you take your engagement to the next level!  


3. Push Notifications Will be the Key

Mobile push notifications are new to the market and have received incredible success. This is one of the winning marketing strategies for business owners that can send relevant and well-optimized messages to their target audience.

Studies show that push notifications receive 7 times higher clicks as compared to e-mail marketing.  Apart from that, its opening rate is far greater than e-mail marketing, as shown in the image below:

You see? How important it is for a website owner to send pop-up messages to their users?

For this, you can develop a user-friendly mobile app or convert your existing site to PWA. As mentioned earlier, the second option sounds affordable for starters. But, if you’ve got a budget and want to own a proper app then spending on it is worth it!

However, you need to be super careful while using push notifications because irrelevant or too many messages can wear your audience out!

So, here’re some tips on when to use them:

  • For promoting new products
  • To get client’s feedback
  • For downtime alerts
  • To share updates 


4. More Emphasis on Motion User Interface

User Interface (UI) has always remained the top concern of web developers.

Don’t forget, any website where users cannot find their required information is of no use! Such sites are just going to drive away your customers, hence, bestowing you with a poor rate of conversion and even zero profits!

In order to enhance the audience’s experience, the experts of web development services recommend using the motion user interface.

Such moving graphics add style to your website and further help the users understand the complex concepts in a form of an attractive video. Here’re some more reasons that can help you learn why Motion UI should remain on top of your priority list:

  • Helps the users feel connected
  • Boosts interactions
  • Makes the content shareable
  • Provides sensational experience
  • Helps the brand stand out

Remember, the more people would feel comfortable while reading, watching, and interacting with your content, the more they would trust your organization. As a result, users would prefer to make a purchase from your site. Isn’t it what you want?


5. Mobile-Friendly Website Will Dominate the Web

You would be left startled on hearing that thousands of people make purchase online!

Well, this means, your target audience is also right out there browsing your niche’s services on mobiles.

But what if your website fails to load on smartphones? Sounds like a disaster!

How do you reckon people would buy services from a site that fails to load or shows cluttered content on the screens?

With a business website or an e-store that isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re going to lose a plethora of potential customers and even profits!

The golden rule is to optimize your site for every type of screen including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones (for both android and iOS). Don’t forget, a powerful website is the best way to attract customers and uplift sales.

So, better not miss a single opportunity to target your potential customers!

It is important to keep all these points in front of your mind while developing a website in Pakistan or wherever else you’re living:

  • Choose a mobile responsive design
  • Don’t use excessive pop-ups
  • Add a search bar
  • Reduce the size of your images
  • Use small CTA buttons

Every business owner in Pakistan would want to make sure their website can be accessed not only by the Pakistani audience but also by global mobile users. For this dream to come true, you’ve got to follow the above tips and practices!


6. Artificial Intelligence Will Become More Important

AI chatbots are the frontline of artificial intelligence that is greatly impacting the future of web development.

You don’t believe us? Have a look at the image below:

This proves that users love to use these chatbots. As, AI-assistances i.e., Alexa, Aivo, etc., can perform different tasks, from playing their favorite song to searching about small business tips for success, and so on, in just seconds!

So, how about building your own AI chatbots?

Sounds amazing! Right?

Your AI chatbots can help your users perform the task easily. This can increase engagement and attract the audience by reducing the typical expenditure of customer services.

Not only this, but AI can also help you learn about the interests of your audience and the kind of product that attracts them the most. With this information, you can easily optimize your website as per the needs of your users.


No matter, whether you want to build a website from scratch in Pakistan or want to add some new features to your existing pages, it’s important to follow the latest trends of 2021 discussed above. Else, you would be left lagging behind your competitors with zero engagements!

Sure, enough you don’t want this to happen!

So, hire the best web development company in Pakistan and start your journey with the experts! Because your business is worth not handing over to the spammers!

Shanawar Butt
The author Shanawar Butt

Shanawar Butt is Websouls' WordPress whiz, with more than 5 years of making websites work wonders. He's got a toolbox full of tricks for every WP challenge and a smile for every problem. Shanawar's the guy who turns the complex world of WordPress into a walk in the park for everyone. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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