Top 5 Off-Page SEO Tips to Drive Organic Traffic

Top 5 Off-Page SEO Tips to Drive Organic Traffic

Wed Jun 16, 2021

Ranking on the top of SERPs is just what all website owners want. 

For this dream to come true, you’ve got to follow the latest off-page SEO trends recommended by the experts of SEO services in Pakistan. After all, it’s one of the best ways to appear in front of your target audience.  

So, if you don’t want to miss any of the top tips, then read on, because we’ve got you a list of awesome off-page SEO techniques to drive sales and organic traffic. 

Ready? Let’s get started… 

How to Optimize Off-Page SEO Like a Pro?

After website development and hiring a web hosting agency, it’s important to focus on the ranking of your website.

And, guess what? Off-page SEO not only helps you rank on top of the SERPs but also enhances brand awareness and uplifts your sales. It’s just like marketing your idea and services through trustworthy websites and reinforcing the users to visit your site. 

But, all of this cannot be possible if you don’t follow these tips and practices: 

1. Get Quality Backlinks

Want to know the secret of the top agencies successfully selling the best SEO services in Pakistan and all around the world? 

Well, building quality backlinks is their key to success! 

If you want the websites to add a backlink to your pages, then start publish high-quality blogs enriched with startling facts and informative images.

Furthermore, you can also add links yourself while posting comments on different forums and websites. For this, you need to consider 6 key ingredients that build a strong link:

Still, the smartest move is to let other websites promote your pages. And, for this, guest blogging can do wonders! Reach the famous organizations of your niche that are already tackling a steady stream of audience. This way, you can easily target your potential customers. 

Remember, for both of your on-page blogs and guest posts, overstuffing links is a bad idea! The rule of thumb is to prioritize link quality, rather than link quantity. So, add them when needed and stay away from sale-on techniques. 


2. Optimize Your Social Media Accounts

Not hundreds and not even thousands but millions of people are using social media on a daily basis! For improving your off-page SEO it’s crucial to harness the power of such platforms.

Even if your pages are not appearing on top of the SERPs still, these social sites can help you drive traffic to your website!

This means, website owners not promoting their posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., are missing an incredible advertising opportunity.  

Start with creating a powerful marketing strategy while setting S.M.A.R.T goals. For example, an organization selling SEO services in Pakistan can set goals i.e., “We’ll use Twitter to reach 1000 potential customers by the end of the quarter”. These ultra-clear objectives would help the agency head in the right direction. 

After setting objectives, comes the step where you need to understand the audience’s demographics and choose the right platform. Remember, if you keep on targeting the wrong audience and on the wrong platform, you’re just going to waste your time! 

So, it’s better to conduct competitor analysis and check out which sites are trending among your niche’s audience. Moreover, keep analyzing your performance and see what’s working for you and what’s not. 


3. Stay Active in the Comment Sections

If you think that blog commenting is just a waste of time, then think again! 

Remember, the more you interact with your ideal readers in the comment sections, the higher would be your blogs’ popularity! 

Isn’t that what you want? 

So, let’s talk about how you can do blog commenting effectively. Here’re some tips for you: 

  • Reply to every single comment
  • Use the commenters name while writing a reply 
  • Avoid adding fake and inactive e-mail addresses 
  • Try to use keywords where needed
  • Use anchor words and add appropriate links

Apart from just communicating on your own blogs, try to leave comments on popular sites as well. However, don’t jump on irrelevant sites and stay within your industry.

For instance, if your agency has something to do with SEO services in Pakistan, then commenting on the websites i.e., Adidas or any other clothing brand sounds like an absurd idea. In this case, it’s better to find the organizations that are offering SEO services in Pakistan. Only this would help the website owners appear in front of the right audience through commenting. 

Further, keep on mentioning your brand’s name but don’t do it bluntly, and to get instant attention follow the right pattern as shown in the image below: 


4. Add Attractive Images and Videos 

Just as a heart to a body likewise, images and videos are to blogging! 

Believe it or not, but without attractive visuals, you’re more likely to drive away your potential customers. 

Did you know that articles with visuals receive 94% of the clicks as compared to those with zero images/videos? 

You don’t believe us? Have a look at the image below:

Pictures receive the highest retweets on Twitter!

Remember, off-page SEO is all about getting users’ attention and visualization is so far the best option for this. Infographics, podcasts, etc., are super-attractive and easy to read, which reinforces the users to stay on your site and further drives them towards a purchase decision. 

It is highly advised to conduct your own Photoshop. In case you want to save time, get high-quality stock images. And, for adding videos you can link YouTube tutorials and other such informative clips. 

However, for your brand’s introductory video, uploading content of other organizations would leave you with legal copyright claims and can hurt your brand’s reputation. 

But, don’t worry! 

In the contemporary era, generating personalized video content has become effortlessly accessible without the need for significant time. Platforms such as InVideo and Explee offer convenient tools that enable the creation of animations with minimal effort through a simple click-based process.  


5. Don’t Run Away from Forum Posting 

Just like comments on your blogs, forum posting can also help you get connected with your audience. 

Forums are online messaging platforms where people interact with each other and discuss different topics of the specific niche. 

For example, has got space for website owners where they can ask recommendations for the best SEO services in Pakistan and many other questions i.e., what are the latest SEO trends to follow in 2021? how to improve website security? how can SEO services in Pakistan help the website rank on top of SERPs? etc. 

No matter, whether you’re running an e-commerce website or any other type of business, you can find your niche’s audience in discussion forums.

There’re chances that the people asking questions are interested in buying services. Hence, make sure you help them out and build trust. 

But, don’t just start selling your services on discussion forms. Users would get irritated if you keep repeating phrases such as, “from our company you can buy the best SEO services in Pakistan”. Be smart and focus on solving their queries and within that add links to your landing pages. 


Off-page SEO is not that easy to master! But with the help of all the tips we’ve discussed above, you can easily welcome a steady stream of the audience! 

Whether, you want to create your content yourself or get the best SEO services in Pakistan, creating viral-worthy content should remain your prime focus. Because blogs that provide answers to the users’ queries usually get more traction! 

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