8 Web Design Elements to Make Your Website Stand Out

8 Web Design Elements to Make Your Website Stand Out

Thu Mar 10, 2022
Shanawar Butt

Do you want your website to have a design that awes and inspires or improves your brand image? Everyone does!

However, very few developers put their 100% effort into designing websites, and website building templates have ruined the very concept of a creative website. Fortunately, by adding the correct web design elements to your website through the best web development services in Pakistan, you’ll be able to make your website stand out.

So, which features can make your website unique? Let’s explore some of these features!

Web Design Elements to Include in Your Website

Before you look at web design elements, first make sure you understand your web design goals. If you’re designing a portfolio website, you want to create a professional design, and sales optimization features won’t be as relevant.

However, if you’re designing an e-commerce store, you’ll have to add pop-ups and other elements to optimize the website for conversions. The best web development services in Pakistan will help you design your website according to your specific goals.

Here are some elements that are guaranteed to enhance your website design:

1. Minimalist Designs

The best websites will have minimalist designs that are visitor friendly. No one likes a cluttered website, and customers despise it. Ads are already an issue, coupled with pop-ups, unsightly promotional CTAs, and too much content. If your website is too cluttered, you’ll end up losing more customers.

The solution is to focus on a minimalist design approach. Make sure the font size is readable and there’s enough white space on the pages to give the website a more professional impression.

2. Background Videos

Background video is an advanced design feature that can enhance any website. Video is more captivating than content and can help you showcase your products, services, or brand image more effectively. 

When adding a background video to your website, make sure the video quality matches your brand image. Also, focus on keeping things short since you should optimize your website for conversions. You can also add a slideshow video with text and background.

These videos are easier to create and cost less than shooting a custom branding video.

3. Use Animation Features

Animation has transformed how many websites are designed nowadays. Since most people have a shorter attention span thanks to social media, you’ll need to add out-of-the-box elements to keep your website visitors engaged.

Animation can be used in the background video to explain specific topics or even in the font. Some websites include animation in the headings to keep the visitors engaged.

The best thing about animation is that it costs much less than a custom video and can be used in explainer content as well.

4. Use Background Pictures in Your Landing Pages

Have you ever wondered why you’re getting a low conversion rate in your campaigns? It could be because of poorly designed landline pages. The best landing pages are designed to keep customers engaged and convince them that your product or service is worth the cost.

Unfortunately, many landing pages are just an extension of ads or another long story that customers don’t want to hear. You can add a background picture related to the product or service to boost the landing page effect. Also, keep the minimalist approach in mind and avoid over clustering with too much text.

5. Integrate Social Media Sharing Options

When designing a new website, make sure it has social media integration in the form of sharing options. Adding these sharing options to your website will help improve the visitor engagement rate and improve your brand image.

While social integration may seem like a simple thing to add to a website, it’s surprising how few websites have adopted it. However, unless you are creating a WordPress website through professional web design services, you’ll have to pay for each social extension. No wonder only the top brands have social sharing options!

6. Keep a Consistent Design

When designing a new website or redesigning your existing one, always keep your pages consistent with your branding. Choosing which color pattern to integrate into the design is up to you. However, all the pages should be in sync with the home page design.

The last thing you want is for a visitor to worry that they’re on a different website each time they visit a page on your site!

7. Use Custom Images

It’s now quite common to see different websites with almost identical designs and images. Using stock images on your site shows that you’re in a hurry and gives a bad impression to visitors. Experts recommend using original images to customize your website. Using real images also brings your website to a more personalized level and gives the customer the impression that they’re working with a real brand.

The alternate option is to purchase images, although it won’t have the same impact as using real pictures.

8. Optimize Everything for Page Speed

When designing a new website, the last thing you want is a slow-loading site. Many people add unnecessary plugins, images, and text to their websites. Doing so may give your site a better design but may affect your site's performance.

If you have to choose between performance and design, always go for performance. A slow load time can affect your SEO, website conversion rate, ad campaigns and may have a negative impact on your brand image.

However, sometimes your website design may not be at fault. Rather, your hosting servers may be slowing your site down. The best solution, in this case, is to get the best web hosting in Pakistan. Also, make sure your hosting package matches your website requirements.

Get the Best Web Development Services in Pakistan

Not all websites are designed the same way. Some radiate brand confidence, creativity, and uniqueness, while others are simple copies of other sites. If you want your website to stand out, you’ll need to include specific design elements.

The best web development services in Pakistan will help you create a unique website designed for conversions. So, avoid wasting your time with low-quality website building tools and get a custom website built according to your brand requirements today!

Shanawar Butt
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