How Can Web Hosting Impact Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

How Can Web Hosting Impact Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

Mon Sep 07, 2020

When it comes to getting your site hosted, there are hundreds of options available, but only the best hosting agency can help you get out ahead of your competitors.

Now, you must be wondering why is it so important to choose quality hosting and how it can impact your overall business growth, right?

Well, to put it precisely, hosting is your website’s foundation. The type of hosting package you choose, as well as your service provider determines how your site would perform and the user-experience that your visitors would receive.

The Relation Between Web Hosting and Digital Marketing

The major goal of digital marketing is to improve sales, and that’s done by attracting customers, making them visit your site, and finally converting the visitors you get into buyers.

How is website performance related to digital marketing?

Despite all the tactics you use and the digital marketing strategies you may employ for directing prospective customers to your business website, if you’re not delivering a good user-experience, your sales won’t increase much, or at all.

In a sense, the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns largely depends upon the design and performance of your website, and of course, your customer service.

Additionally, web hosting can also have a direct impact on your site’s search engine rankings owing to the fact that site speed is one of Google’s most important ranking factors.

Here’s a list of ways your host can affect your digital marketing efforts:

1. Downtime Can Kill Your SEO, Sales, and Business

While most web hosts guarantee 99.9% uptime, not everyone delivers what’s promised.

Server uptime isn’t just about convenience, it’s about being available to your customers at all times. If your website isn’t running even for half an hour a day, a huge number of web visitors won’t be able to access your blog, services, or products. As a result, you’d be losing a huge amount of sales every single day.

Server uptime isn’t just about convenience, it’s about being available to your customers at all times. If your website isn’t running even for half an hour a day, a huge number of web visitors won’t be able to access your blog, services, or products. As a result, you’d be losing a huge amount of sales every single day.

Well, the only way of preventing this horror from actually happening is by choosing a leading web hosting agency.

How can a high uptime benefit your digital marketing efforts?

Firstly, with a website that’s up and running smoothly 24/7, you’d be able to provide all your web visitors with a great web experience.

Secondly, you’d be making more sales.

And lastly, maximizing server uptime can have a huge impact on your site’s search engine rankings.


Well, with a high server uptime, your bounce rate would decrease, which is something that directly impacts your site’s SEO.

Apart from this, with a lot of downtime, Google’s crawlers won’t be able to search your website for any fresh content, which may lead to low search rankings. If your website is down too often, it might even get penalized by Google.

Using a reliable host won’t only help you steer clear of unwanted server downtime, but a good service provider would also monitor your site’s overall performance and provide customer support whenever needed.

2. Page Speed Directly Affects Conversions

You might already be aware of the fact that page speed is one of Google’s critically important ranking factors. Which means, websites with slow load times are nowhere to be found on the first page of Google’s SERPs.

Not only this, but your site’s page speed also determines its bounce rate and the rate of conversions.

Don’t believe us?

Have a look at these performance metrics:

With a reliable web host, your website would most likely face no performance issues whatsoever, and you’d be able to provide your clients with a great user experience that can help convert them from visitors into buyers.

However, the speed of your website also depends upon the hosting package you choose. For instance, if you happen to own a small business website, shared hosting or a business hosting package might work well. But for increased hosting needs, you may require the power of a dedicated server.

3. Your Server Location Matters

Another major factor that can impact your digital marketing efforts is the location of your server.


Well, if your server is located closer to your end user, your website would load faster and deliver better performance.

For instance, if you happen to own a local business in Pakistan, getting your website hosted on a Pakistan web server that’s located within the country or region would result in reduced website latency.

Since server location effects website speed, and speed impacts your search engine rankings, having a server located near your target audience can benefit your online marketing efforts.

How to find the best web hosting services in Islamabad (or wherever else you’re situated in the country?

Search on Google, consult your friends who’ve availed such services before, or simply go to a company’s website and read the reviews from their past customers.

4. Bonus Tip: Look for Add-ons That Can Improve SEO

Most web hosting agencies offer add-ons that can be beneficial for your site’s
SEO. Having these included in your hosting package can be a great way of ranking high on search engines such as Google.

So, when you’re purchasing a web hosting plan, ask the provider if they offer the following services:

  • Enhanced Website Security: Having an unsecure website that often gets attacked by spammers and hackers means Google won’t trust you. And if you’re ranking low on Google, your marketing efforts won’t help much.
  • SSL Certificate: SSL is one of Google’s many ranking factors. So, websites that’re secured by an SSL and provide their customers with a safe web experience automatically rank higher on Google’s SERPs.

In addition to this, when choosing a web hosting provider, don’t forget to consider the following questions:

  • Does the hosting agency offer a high level of performance for your website?
  • Can the host you’re choosing help you install or purchase an SSL certificate for your site?
  • Does your chosen web hosting agency guarantee fast page load speed?
  • Is there any backup and restore service available?
  • Would you have the option of choosing the location of your data centre?

All in all, choosing a web host is a critical decision that should be made while keeping a lot of factors in view. Whichever host you choose, make sure you’re getting your efforts worth, as well as a hosting service that won’t damage your online marketing strategy.

Also, we’d recommend you to find an agency that can manage everything in terms of your online presence and growth, such as provide you with web development services, optimize your site for SEO, and be the best .pk domain provider.

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