How to Create Irresistible Lead Magnets to Boost Your Sales?

How to Create Irresistible Lead Magnets to Boost Your Sales?

Wed Aug 18, 2021

Wouldn't it put a big smile on your face when you see tons of traffic hoarding towards your website?

That’s a dream come true!

But what if the visitors bounce back? A nightmare indeed!

That's where a lead magnet comes to play. The lead magnet helps website visitors to convert in buyers.

Let's begin with an example.

If you provide web hosting services in Pakistan and you offer your ideal prospects free web hosting for 10 days so they can try your services, higher are the chances that this lead magnet will result in getting you tons of happy clients after the first 10-day free trial.

It's human psychology, we appreciate it when someone offers us a “free” trial, and if it resonates with our needs, we began thinking of it as the ultimate solution.

Before we dive into in-depth knowledge about lead magnets, let's start from the beginning.

What is a lead magnet?

Leads are your potential customers – people who need the services or products that you sell.

Creating a lead magnet is the practice of getting your prospective customers’ contact information, particularly their email addresses, in exchange for a free resource that they find valuable.

Business owners gather such contact details so that they can market to their potential customers on a regular basis and convince them to buy a certain product or service.

When a visitor lands on your website and a pop-up appears on their screen asking for their contact information, they won’t fill the form unless you’re offering something valuable in return. Such as, 10% off on your web hosting plan if they sign up for your newsletter!

If the prospects who land on your website are your target audience, there is a 150% chance they will exchange email addresses for getting discounted prices!

Lead Magnet is the Second Step

This is something a lot of new business owners don’t know.

Probably you think about lead magnet as the first step to connect with your audience. But that's not true in most cases.

For instance: how did your ideal prospects find you in the first place? How did they end up landing on your website for the very first time?

It means, the content that brings a prospect to your website matters the most.

Think about it.

Whatever your target audience must have typed in the Google search bar, the results would be infinite. But if they landed on your website, the reason was the valuable content that led them to your site.

Either they typed exactly the keyword that your chosen you’re targeting for your site’s SEO, or you’re investing in Google Ads.

Whatever the reason may be, this first step should be taken by your target audience in order to land on your website. Because, if your website isn’t getting any traffic at all, converting your audience into leads is simply out of question.

So, before you try boosting sales for your business in Pakistan through driving more leads, make sure your website is visible to your potential customers and they’re being prompted to click on the link!

For this, investing in the best SEO services is a must!

How to Create Lead Magnets That Boost Conversions?

Now that you’re aware of what a lead magnet is, let’s move on to the real challenge – creating a lead magnet that actually drives conversions!

Here are some tips on how to do that!

  • Get to know your audience: You can simply start by finding out what your potential customers are paying for. Such as, for a web hosting company in Pakistan, the target audience would most probably pay for a thorough guide to using cPanel. Offer them a free eBook on that and you’re good to go!
  • Offer real value and be specific while doing it: Imagine a visitor on your website is reading a blog post about different types of web hosting plans when a pop-up appears with a link to a YouTube video on ‘how to choose the best web hosting plan for your business?’. Now, that is something really helpful, isn’t it?
  • Make sure your lead magnet is always high-quality: Let’s go back to the first example of lead magnet that we discussed – free web hosting for 10 days. Now, imagine your web hosting services aren’t up to the mark and the ‘leads’ are experiencing slow web speed, high downtime, and bad customer support. Would they convert into a paying customer? No!

But on the other hand, if your free tutorial offers a smooth experience, there are high chances of your leads buying a web hosting plan from you after the tutorial is over.


Now you know what makes a good lead magnet. Let's discuss what form of lead magnets are more converting for you if you are a web hosting provider in Pakistan or running your small business online.

Following are the Best Lead Magnet Ideas for Your Business:


eBooks provide a great source of content that can be used to pitch your business to prospective customers. They allow you to show off what you know, and also, they can keep people on your list for a long time because they're so helpful and valuable.

eBooks are great lead magnets, but you can also bundle them up with other types of content to create even stronger lead magnets. For example, you could offer an eBook about "How to Grow Your Business," accompanied by a video that would help them get a major task done. Such as this:

eBooks are an easy way to build your list because they're accessible for people on the other side of the screen to read. Still, you also get valuable traffic visiting your website because people will bookmark or share them with others.

A Cheat Sheet:

A cheat sheet is a piece of content that condenses the essential points of a blog post, article, book, or video into one page. It's an easy way to review the most important details without having to listen or watch anything.

A cheat sheet could be a valuable tool for people who want to learn as quickly and efficiently as possible or for people who prefer summarizing an article.

For instance, you can showcase some important segments about web hosting services in Pakistan and let your customers know the insights that other web hosting providers don’t share with clients.  

Case Studies:

A case study helps your business to showcase how you have successfully handled similar projects in the past and how you can assist new clients with your services.

It also improves your credibility among your prospective audience and they’d remember you as a ‘good hosting provider’.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Lead Magnet?

So, now you know what makes a good lead magnet, but the point arises, being a web hosting company in Pakistan, how will you direct your ideal prospects to your lead magnet?

Creating a good lead magnet is one thing; letting your prospects know about your irresistible offer is another.

Following strategies can help you drive traffic to your lead magnet:

  • Pop-Ups: A pop-up on your website is one of the most effective strategies to let your visitors know about your lead magnet and grow your email list quickly.
  • Social Media: Promote your lead magnet using the right hashtags on social media and try to create a conversation around it by responding to people's questions immediately via Twitter or Facebook.
  • Pay Per Click Strategy: Use pay per click (e.g., Google Adwords) to gain traffic, especially when you're new to blogging and don't have much organic traffic yet.
  • Offer a Free Consultation: This strategy works well if you provide value in your lead magnet or establish credibility through other means. Provide consultation and guide users to your lead magnet after they sign up. Make sure to train them on how to use it effectively before sending them off into the abyss.
  • Publish a Case Study or One of Your Success Stories: Publishing a case study is more practical than publishing a free consultation.

The user will have time to learn about the value you provide and trust your skills, especially if your solution worked for a large renown organization.

Write one with benefits that clearly outline why it's relevant for their business.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Sign up with influencers in your niche on blogs or social media and secure guest posts, interviews, podcasts, and videos to reach a wider audience.

If you cannot get a partnership, then hire an agency that will do it for you. When working with influencers, choose someone who has followers that are likely to be interested in purchasing your product or services.

  • Content Marketing: Create relevant articles around your topic, with a link to the lead magnet as a resource box at the end of it. You can publish them on your blog or other popular blogs in your niche.

Guest posting will also help generate quality traffic when it comes to content marketing, but it is a time-taking strategy if you’re not working with the best SEO services in Pakistan.

A lead magnet is one of the finest marketing strategies that can scale your business in 2021. If you want to connect with your ideal prospects on an emotional and psychological level, it’s best to provide them real value!


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