10 Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your Web Host!

10 Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your Web Host!

Wed Aug 25, 2021
Waqas Waheed

Choosing a web host for your website is like selecting the foundation of an important building. Without it, there’s no way you are going to get anywhere near successful business performance. Also, unnecessary expenses will come your way if you choose wrongly.

Sometimes businesses go with the option to avail cheap web hosting in Pakistan to save a few bucks but end up paying more.

So, how do you select the best host that isn’t heavy on pocket as well as saves you from trap pf cheap web hosting?

In this article, we explore some factors when picking out the right web hosting provider for you or your company so do take time reading through them carefully!

Factor #1:  What Is the Web Host Offering?

You need to be clear about what services the web hosting company in Pakistan is offering. Get their complete details instead of just going with the cheapest web hosting plan for your business. In order to determine which plan will suit your needs, you need to check out their website.

Are they offering just shared hosting plans or do they have the option of dedicated server hosting too?

Additionally, certain web hosting companies offer a free domain with their web hosting plans. Check if any such option is available in order to make a worthy purchase.

Factor #2: Is the Company Credible?

For you to determine which web hosting company in Pakistan has a good reputation, it is important that you check out the feedback of their previous clients.

See if they are happy with what the company did for them and if not then see how they dealt with the problem. For good service, it is very important that the web hosting company is able to resolve issues quickly.

If a customer has any complaints, you should see how they deal with them. In order to determine their credibility, you can also check out their social media page and read comments of people who already are customers.

Factor #3:  What is Included in the Web Hosting Plan?

While talking about the cheapest web hosting service providers in Pakistan, make sure that the services that you are getting from them are worth your money.

Some companies will offer great packages at an affordable price while some others will charge extra for basic services like domain name registration in Pakistan.

The package should include every basic domain-related service other than just limited bandwidth and disk space etc. Make sure that there are no hidden charges that will eat up the money from your pockets.

Factor #4: How Good is Their Customer Support?

Another important factor when you want to choose a web hosting provider in Pakistan is their customer support.

You need to see what type of service they are providing for their customers. Is it only limited to emails or do they also issue tickets to customers so they can easily resolve any issues for the website and related services?

It is also important that the team handling these queries be trained properly because 98% of clients contact the support team while encountering an issue with something on their websites and they need a quick resolution as soon as possible.

You should demand proactive support, live chat support, and email support for resolving issues related to your website.

Factor #5: Tech Specs / Limitations in Hosting Plans

Be honest with your businesses.

Take a look at your website and check whether you want to host a regular blog post or a complete ecommerce store.

As the requirements for both differ at so many technical levels. Like for a personal blog, taking shared hosting in Pakistan would be a perfect fit but for an ecommerce store, you would need professional business hosting.

If you opt for the cheapest web hosting, you will have limitations for the RAM, processing power, and disk space and you may also face downtime issues.

Factor #6: Are the Hosting Plans Affordable?

Before choosing any web hosting service provider in Pakistan, you need to check out your budget because not all companies will offer the same plans for everyone.

The price range varies from company to company so you must look into that before choosing one. Some hosts will charge $10 per month and some can go as high as $100/month.

People with small businesses usually choose the flexible cheapest web hosting in Pakistan where you can easily get what you want.

Factor #7: Security Protocols

Security is a very important aspect for any business in Pakistan and you must choose a hosting service provider who offers security protocols like cloud backup, automated backups, web applications firewall, etc. to protect your website from hackers.

Make sure your web host provides an SSL certificate in Pakistan to save you any future hassle regarding your website security.

This will ensure that your data is secure at all times so hackers cannot easily break through your backbone and get the data you are using.

Factor #8: Automatic Updates

Some hosting services do not offer automatic updates, but if your provider is offering this facility then it will save a lot of your time and effort because whenever an update is available, it automatically downloads the latest version of any software which keeps everything updated for you.

You can easily check the status of your website and can get a report on what needs to be updated and how many files are out of date.

Some hosting services go even further with automated updates for apps, databases, etc so you don't have to worry about supporting any applications which keep your servers up-to-date.

Factor #9: Website Transfer Process

If you already have a website with your previous cheapest web hosting company in Pakistan and now want to move that site to another ISP, then it is important that you know how easy it is to transfer your site.

Some hosts make this process very difficult for users so they are not willing to switch their host anymore.

To avoid these things, do business with an ISP that offers a smooth and seamless website transfer process which will help you avoid unnecessary hassle.

Factor #10: Backup & Restore Options

It is important to choose a hosting company that offers backup and restores options for your website. A lot of people make the mistake of not backing up their data regularly which can lead to total loss of all data if some technical error or disaster occurs.

You need to back up your site every month at least and keep two backups, one in the cloud and another on a media like SD card, hard disk, etc.

This way, if your website crashes you can easily restore the backup and continue doing business with no loss of data.

When selecting cheap web hosting in Pakistan, it is advisable to opt for a reputable choice and depend on cost-effective hosting plans in Pakistan to ensure your financial commitment is secure with a trustworthy provider.

Waqas Waheed
The author Waqas Waheed

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