How to Find an SEO-Friendly Domain Name?

How to Find an SEO-Friendly Domain Name?

Wed Feb 16, 2022

Do you want your website to rank fast and have a high SEO score? Have you ever wondered why some websites rank higher than others despite a similar SEO strategy?

It’s probably because of the domain name!

Having an SEO-friendly domain name will help your website's SEO, allowing you to grab more customers organically. It's also helpful for paid marketing and will help you grow your brand faster. So, before you do domain registration in Pakistan, try to find the best SEO-friendly domain.

This article will cover the importance of the domain name in SEO and give you tips on choosing the perfect SEO-friendly domain name for your website.

Does the Domain Name Matter in SEO?

SEO is a broad topic that covers multiple tasks designed to optimize your website for organic traffic. Many people are aware of SEO's content optimization, website design, and keyword optimization aspects. However, did you know that your domain name can also affect your website's rankings?

Having a domain name like "" will help search engines understand what your website is about, helping you rank faster. Domain name registration in Pakistan and around the world is a multi-million-dollar business. Some domains may sell for several hundred thousand dollars!

While you’ll still have to improve other aspects of your SEO strategy, having a good domain name will help give your SEO a boost.

So, how should you choose a domain name that's right for SEO? Here are some tips to help you in your search for the perfect domain name:

1. Shorter Domain Names are Better

Your domain name should be short enough for your customers to remember easily, which is why long domain names are not preferred. One-word domain names like “apple” and “amazon” are everyday words that are easy to remember. After all, who would forget an apple?

While this is not a rule of thumb, it's undoubtedly helpful to choose a shorter domain name. Shorter names are easier to index and optimize for and are also more brandable. However, if you find a longer domain name that's effective, don't hesitate to go for it.

2. Your Domain Name Should Match Your Product or Service

The best domain names tell the visitor exactly what the website or brand is about. For example, a domain name like “buybooksonline" will give you an exact idea of what to expect on the website, even before you visit it.

Try and choose a domain name that's clear and easy to understand. Domain names match user search preferences and explain what the website offers often ranks higher than vague domain names. You can even use words and your brand that give a basic idea of what your website's about.

This could include adding words like "tech," "corp," "service," and other words to give the visitor more information on your business functions.

3. Use Your Brand Name

The best domains consist of the business's brand name and not more. At the same time, you may feel that your brand name doesn't really matter in SEO; it's actually the opposite. Google prefers domain names that have branding and will often recognize these as having more authority than simple domains.

Even though your brand name may not make sense if you plan to build a brand around your products or services, go for the brand name domain. For example, an "Apple" doesn't make sense for a smartphone unless you've heard of the brand before.

When doing domain registration in Pakistan, make it a priority to find a domain that fits your brand name.

4. Avoid Using Hyphens, Numbers, and Special Characters in Your Domain

When doing domain registration in Pakistan, you'll notice that many of the best domains are either not for sale or too expensive. One way to solve this problem is to add a hyphen to your domain. For example, instead of "," you can opt for "" This way, you'll be able to get the exact wording in your domain if the original domain is not for sale.

However, experts recommend that you avoid this practice. Many cheaper spam websites use this tactic to copy an already ranked website and hopefully "ride" on the established brand image. Nowadays, Google's algorithms prefer domains without numbers and hyphens, as these domains have a better brand image.

5. Don’t Add Meaningless Letters to Get a Domain Name

Some people may try to go around the hyphen problem by adding extra letters to their domain. For example, in the case of, they will go for While the two domains may be similar, the second one doesn't make sense and won't fare well with SEO.

It’s much better just to think of a new and creative domain name than trying to copy and adjust with already ranked domains.

6. Get The Right Extensions

You may have heard that dot com extensions are the best, but this doesn't mean that you should always go for a dot com domain. If you have a brand targeting worldwide customers, then a .com domain is perfect. However, you can also go for extensions like .au, .uk, or co. If you're doing domain registration in Pakistan, try to get a .pk domain.

Having a country-specific domain extension will help with your SEO as it's much easier to rank in a local area with these domains.

Also, try and match the domain extension with your service or product. For example, .edu names are usually used for educational institutions, and .org names are used for NGOs.

Optimize Your Website Functionality

Getting your website to function correctly isn't all about having a great design or choosing a good domain name. You'll also need the best web hosting plans to ensure that your website functions correctly. Websites that perform better in SEO are often hosted on dedicated server hosting.

So, if you want your website to be on top, then choose affordable hosting from the best-dedicated server providers in Pakistan.

Suppose you have the best SEO agency managing your website ranking. In that case, they'll likely recommend that you get an SEO-friendly domain name to boost your rankings.

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