How to Make Your Website Interactive? 7 Expert Tips

How to Make Your Website Interactive? 7 Expert Tips

Wed Feb 09, 2022
Shanawar Butt

Does your website have a high bounce rate? Do you struggle to keep visitors on your site, complete the sales process or get qualified leads through your website?

It could be that your website’s interactiveness is not up to the mark.

An interactive web design is essential to get visitors to spend more time on your website and will also increase your conversion rate. When doing web designing in Pakistan, make sure your website is designed with interactive modules, which will make it easier to promote your website later on.

This article will give you valuable tips to make your website more interactive and how this can benefit your sales and marketing strategies.

So, let’s get started!

How to Make Your Website Design More Interactive?

Whether you've designed your website through a professional company that offers web designing in Pakistan, or you want to redesign your website, making it responsive should be your priority. But, how can you improve the responsiveness of your website?

Here are 7 expert tips to help make your website more interactive:

1. Give Relevant Links to Your Content

One way to encourage interaction is to include relevant links in the web content. Relevant links shouldn’t only include content that's related to your products or marketing promotions. Rather, add links to other relevant sites to provide the reader with additional information.

Adding external links isn't just great for making your website more interactive; it's also a good SEO strategy. So, if you have an SEO agency providing you with content, don’t be worried that the external links will convince visitors to leave your website.

After all, the more interactive your website is, the higher it's ranking on Google.

2. Add Chat Modules to Your Site

Nowadays, customers like to chat with businesses and prioritize websites that give them a personalized experience. Having a chat module on your site will allow customers to ask queries, give feedback, or comment while they're on the site.

Suppose you can create a chatbot system with AI interactive system. In that case, it's great as these are more accurate and provide a better experience to customers.

3. Allow Users to Share Comments and Stories

One of the best ways to make your website more interactive is to value the visitors' perspectives. Many blogs don't even have a comments section, which often makes visitors feel underappreciated. While it does make sense to filter comments to prevent spam, make sure you reply to post comments.

You can also encourage users to share their experiences or stories on the website and publish this content on a separate website section. While not all stories will be published, having actual customer content on your website will increase new visitors' trust in your website.

4. Improve the Page Speed

Another great way to make your website more interactive is to improve the loading speed of different elements on the site. If you have images or videos on your website and they take the whole day to load, don’t expect customers to have a good interactive experience with your site.

Professional web designing in Pakistan will make sure that your site is smooth and fast to improve the customer experience. You could also look at getting the best web hosting for your website. In most cases, low-quality web hosting is the cause of slow websites, so choosing the best hosting provider may help.

5. Give Out Prizes

Everyone loves a competition and prizes. Most people will interact with a website just to get a discount or other benefits. You can use a coupon system if you're offering physical products or do a small giveaway.

Suppose you have a digital product or service. In that case, you could always give a free trial in exchange for customer trust, their email address, or other information. Even if you aren't really benefiting from free giveaways, it's still a great way to improve your website's interaction.

6. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Some websites are interactive on laptops but don't have the same effect when used on a mobile. The best way to make your website more interactive is to make it mobile-friendly. Since most internet users spend more than 70% of their time on mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly website is essential.

If your current website is losing more visitors on mobile, then it’s time to redesign your site. The best web development service that offers web designing in Pakistan will help you redesign your site to make it more responsive.

7. Add Other Interactive Tools to Your Site

Nowadays, many interactive tools can be used to enhance your website's responsiveness. For example, adding a map section will allow visitors to find your location more easily, especially if you're running a retail outlet. You can also add better navigation tools, service calculators, and price adjustment modules along with smart cart options.

Discuss these with your web designing service in Pakistan to design an engaging and interactive website.

Why Does Having an Interactive Website Matter?

An interactive website is perfect for improving your conversion rate and reducing your bounce rate. Here are some benefits from making your website more interactive:

- Lower Bounce Ratio

Visitors will stay longer on interactive websites, and this will lower your bounce rate. You'll also get more conversions this way.

- Better Brand Trust

Brand trust is all about getting to know your customers and interacting with them on a personal level. Interactive websites can help grow brand trust and will help you expand your brand online.

- Better Brand Loyalty

Having more brand trust always leads to increased brand loyalty. When customers trust your brand, they are more likely to make repeated purchases.

- Better SEO Rankings

Google has added bounce rate and user interaction as part of the ranking factors for SEO. Websites that receive little to no interaction or a high bounce rate will also rank lower in the organic search results.

So, if you want your website to grow, improve your conversions and build more customer trust, then make your website more interactive today!

Shanawar Butt
The author Shanawar Butt

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