Top 6 Actionable SEO Tips for 2021

Top 6 Actionable SEO Tips for 2021

Wed Aug 11, 2021

Google updates its algorithm nearly 400 times a year. That’s an update every day.

The SEO experts keep stretching their heads, monitoring every Google update, and figuring out every possibility to provide the best SEO services in Lahore or anywhere in the world through virtual workspaces.

But mastering SEO isn’t possible; you can’t claim to know everything about Google ranking criteria, SEO hacks that work in 2021, and the best possible way to rank your business on the top results of Google.

According to the latest insights, 75% of the online searchers never bother to check the 2nd page of Google, let alone the third or so on.

It means 75% of your audience will never find you even if you manage to rank on the second page. To get visibility and searchability in SERP snippets of Google, you need to beat that 99% of your competitors to get seen by your audience.

But how is that possible to improve your business ranking and get the best SEO services in Lahore for your small business and startups?

See, there isn’t any shortcut to ranking. If you remain persistent and keep following these latest SEO tricks, 90% are the chances you will boost your visibility, signaling Google about the authority and authenticity of your business in your niche.

When you finish this article, you will be ahead of 75% of the audience who are yet to discover these proven Actionable SEO tricks.

So, keep your notebook with you or better bookmark this article because we’re about to discuss some very useful SEO tricks!

1.Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the most effective SEO tool for businesses in 2021. If you are yet to verify your business with Google Search Console, you need to do it right now.

How does it help you in SEO? When you register your business, Google Search Console helps you monitor what keywords you’re ranking for on Google, what page of your website is attracting more audience, and which pages aren’t performing well.

It even helps you to see metrics like clicks, impressions, and audience engagement. And the best thing? It costs nothing at all!

What can be more helpful to the data already available in your Google Search console account free of cost?

Benefits to Use Search Console for Your Site’s SEO:

  • Identify your highest-traffic pages and optimize them for a more improved ranking.
  • You can monitor your CTR and impressions with time.
  • You can troubleshoot your errors.
  • Identify your lowest running pages and boost them with the help of an SEO company in Lahore. 

2.Update Your Content

You can’t rely on your article or blog even if it’s ranking on the SRRP snippets of Google. Google ranked it because it provides value to the reader.

But we discussed Google updates its algorithm almost every day which means if you fail to update with time, Google might derank you and rank your competitor.

Updating your content is the essential hack to rank your small business in 2021.

According to the latest research, 4.4 million blogs are posted every day.

So, creating new content and updating the existing one will signal to Google, you are providing value to your audience.

That’s what SEO experts in Lahore do, but they never tell you.

The first thing an SEO company in Lahore will do is the content audit of your website when you avail best SEO services in Lahore or any other place in your country.

Sometimes, blogs from 2015 rank in the first spot, but blogs curated in 2021 fail to meet the ranking requirements.

If you create new content that is written for humans and search engines at the same time, higher are the chances it will meet the criteria of today’s best SEO practices.

Tips to Create New Content or Update the Previous Blogs

  • Focus on Page Title - the first impression that your user gets to see.
  • Add headings for the audience who skims through for understanding.
  • Utilize your target keywords without making your tone sound robotic
  • The more you publish, the more Google will index your page and the higher the chances to get visibility and improve your SEO ranking.

Monitor User Experience (UX)

Your audience is visiting your page - traffic is increasing, but what if the bounce rate of your website is increasing too?

It means your website is ranked but fails to resonate with your target audience. The possible reasons can be:

  • Your CTR is average
  • You haven't updated the layout
  • It lacks high visuals
  • It's not mobile-friendly
  • Poor navigation
  • Can users go from one page to other easily?
  • Quality of your content

If you work on these areas, your bounce rate will decrease, and Google will push you to rank.

However, managing all this technical stuff is not easy for a non-tech-savvy person. That's why people go for the best SEO services in Lahore - as the city is all set to become the new hub of business in Pakistan.

Good user experience is the fundamental force of an online business - neglecting it means neglecting your chance to boost your ranking.

3.Utilize Forums - Reddit, Quora

A trick that no SEO company in Lahore will reveal.

Let's face it. Many businesses are trying to rank on the same repeated keywords. This repetition makes it difficult for the Google algorithm to decide which website is more authoritative.

How does it affect a website?

Sometimes a website with poor content, average CTR gets the chance to rank and many potential websites derank on second and third pages.

It's rare, but it happens. So, we should be prepared for every possibility.

The crucial strategy is to search for more keywords and rank your website.

How do you do that? Go to Reddit and Quora, search your niche-related queries, and see what pain points your audience discusses on the platform. What specific keywords do they use when sharing their experience?

Do your research, create content and optimize your page in no time.

Reddit and Quora are the gold mines of keywords. Utilize them to best your competitors.

4.Backlinks - Your Go-to SEO Hack

Let's move to the technical side of SEO techniques. A major ranking factor is to build authority on search engines.

If more authority websites are linking to your website, it helps search crawls to index your page and boost your ranking.

What is the best strategy to avail of this opportunity?

Provide value to those already in the business. If you publish valuable content on other high authority websites in exchange for a backlink - the content ranks them, and the backlink improves your ranking.

Search the authority websites in your niche, provide them value with top-notch content and get a backlink for your website.

5.Remove Anything That Slows Down Your Page

If you are running a business in Lahore that needs SEO services, you might be overwhelmed to see the ranking factor.

Users never want to visit a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. They have more websites to check. Why do they spend extra seconds for your website to load?

We just talked about bounce rate. Slow loading speed is another reason for increasing bounce rate - a dead-end for SEO? Never!

How can you improve your website speed?

  • Delete defunct plugins
  • Clean up your codes daily
  • Backup data daily
  • Optimize your visuals
  • Compress your existing images

You can also utilize Google Page Speed Insights to get an idea of how much time your website takes to load.

6.Some More Tips

  • Improve your click-through rate. If you are unable to convert a cold audience, the reason can be, users do not click on your website even if it ranks.
  • Keep adding content; more content, higher ranking chances.
  • Add high-end visuals on your site - visuals interact audience and increase your chances to improve conversion rate.


Mastering SEO isn't the cup of tea for any SEO experts, but when it comes to getting the best SEO services in Lahore - you can rely on these valuable SEO tricks to kickstart your business in 2021 and rank your website.

What marketers recommend is to utilize these proven techniques to stay ahead of your competitors.

Refine, update, and optimize your efforts with the best SEO services in Lahore to scale your business.


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Qurat Ul Ain is the star at Websouls when it comes to ecommerce and digital marketing. She's been doing this for over 7 years and always adds a bit of fun to her projects. Her smart tricks and easy-going vibe make online stuff shine. She's the team's go-to for making things pop online! Follow her on LinkedIn.

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