10 Tips for Successful Ecommerce Website Development

10 Tips for Successful Ecommerce Website Development

Thu Feb 25, 2021

E-commerce website development has become incredibly popular over the past years considering it’s a very feasible business idea allowing you to sell online to customers globally! 

Did you know?

Ecommerce holds 14.1% of retail sales around across the world… And, is further predicted to rise around 21% in the coming two years!

With this breathtaking speed, e-commerce is soon going to occupy retail sales. This means if your business doesn’t have an ecommerce store you would lose number of sales. 

However, building a successful e-commerce store sounds like a huge amount of work.


In reality, it isn’t, only if you know some basic tips and tricks!

That’s right! 


Keep reading, if you want to grab the top-tips for simplifying an e-commerce website development process. No matter you are a newbie or a tech-pro, you don’t afford to ignore these tips and practices! 

1. Discover Your Target Audience  

The very first step is to identify your target audience! But, how?

In order to identify your target audience, you need to figure out the product you want to sell. Food? Accessories? Or clothes?

Go for the products you love to talk about and you already have a handful of knowledge about them. 

After identifying your product… you’re ready to hunt your audience!

To identify your target audience ask yourself:

  • What solution does your product offer?
  • Who needs your solutions/products?
  • What innovations you should add for receiving instant attention?
  • What’re your audience demographics?

Don’t miss the demographics!


It helps you design and market the product in a way that potentially matches your customer’s need. So, make sure you walk through all the points depicted in the image below in order to identify your target audience:

2. Choose A Unique Brand name

Calling brand names as welcoming notes won't’ be wrong. Because your brand name is what the customers tend to notice at first sight.  

This is why, after designing your plan you need to come up with an attractive and unique brand name that spotlights your niche. It shouldn’t match with your competitors and nor should it be too difficult. 

Because the better your customer would remember your brand name the more likely they would return to your website. 

Have a look at the image below and make sure your brand’s name falls in the “best case”: 

Now the question is, with such an overwhelming competition out there how would your brand name stand out? 

Well, here are some tips from the experts:

  • Be creative and original 
  • Determine what type of a name you want to design (Inventor’s name, descriptive, etc.) 
  • Create a number of potential brand names
  • Analyze your list and choose the best
  • Test your brand’s name (check pronunciation, spellings, etc.)
  • Make sure it can stand with a URL 
  • Check whether it can convey your brand’s idea or not

Ready with your brand name? 

So, what’s next? 

3. Buy A Domain Name 

Now your business needs to go online!

The initial step is to get domain name registration from the best web hosting company. Let’s suppose you want to start an online business of musical tools in Pakistan then you need to make sure your chosen host provides you .pk domains that can potentially highlight the origin of your services.  

This way, your customers would feel more confident while making a purchase decision.

4. Pick the Best Web Development and Design Services

Now comes…

Your e-commerce platform! 

Either you are looking forward to running an online store in Pakistan or where ever else you’re located, the right e-commerce solution can help your products hit different countries and users! 

While choosing web development and design services, remember that web design is a key factor to be considered in the e-commerce website development process.

As you choose the best location for your traditional store and beautify the store with the latest interior and beautiful colors.


Why not to choose the best website development solution for your online store? You can start your website on any of the web development platform i.e., WordPress, Joomla etc. and then choose your web developer.

So, what’re you waiting for?

Partner up with the best web design company in Pakistan (or wherever you’re located) to take your e-commerce website development to the next level!

5. Customize your Brand and Products 

Brand customization can do wonders! 

Colors and designing are the heart of every brand. This gives life to your products and helps them stand out regardless of the extreme business competition. 

The ideal e-commerce stores must have an attractive logo, aesthetic colors, and strong brand voice. This not only enhances your customer’s experience but along with that it builds unique brand identity. 


Conduct a deep analysis and then choose the colors or logo that would represent your brand.


Customization can either lead them to purchase decisions or to your competitors. 

So, better not mess up! 

6. Prioritize Search Engine Optimization 

Do you want to know why ranking on top in the search results is mandatory? 75% of the users don’t even jump to the second page of Google’s search results!

What now?

SEO has remained an evergreen marketing strategy that can not only rank you on top search results but can drive a heavy traffic to your website.

Look at the incredible benefits of SEO optimization in the image below:


You just need to follow the right SEO technique and some of these practices are:

  • Use short and long-tail keywords 
  • Do a thorough keyword research
  • Use more than 1000 words for each blog 
  • Never compromise on the quality 
  • Add surprising stats 
  • Visualize your content with high-quality images

The validity of your content would decide your ranking. Make it creative for the readers and SEO optimized for Google.

This might sound daunting! 

But you are in luck because creating content in 2021 is really easy… how? Well, you can choose the best SEO services  and save yourself from this headache. 

7. Don’t Miss the Product Categorization

What if you run into a messy shop where the products are not even arranged in the right place? 

You would probably walk away! 

E-commerce store also works this way. If your products are not well categorized your users would not even bother to scroll down your webpage and they would simply bounce away to find a better solution. 

The simple rule is to categorize, arrange and then showcase.

For instance, you want to start a clothing brand in Pakistan, then you can categorize your products into shirts, sweaters, coats, etc., etc. 

Your customers want an easy solution so make sure you serve them with the best possible way! 

8. Click High-Quality Image

75% of the buyers rely on product images! 

And why not? Who would not want to have a look at what’s coming? 

You can even start with a decent camera and modest setup. But if you have the budget then hiring a professional photographer is worth it!

Whoever the cameraman is just keep in mind your pictures should be original and can potentially depict the true colors of the products.

Pro-tip? Adding packaging to your images enhances your customer’s purchase decision.

Don’t believe us?

Okay, have a look at the image below and decide yourself:


You can even use photo editing tools for enhancing the visibility of your product.


Photo editing should only be done to improve image quality because changing some colors might hurt your customer’s expectations. Much worse? They would never buy again! 

9. Write Complete Product Descriptions 

Before a customer buys, he needs a complete description and needs to know the features of your products. Most importantly, he needs a reason to buy your product.

So, why should your customers buy your product? 

List this down in the product details! 

Let’s suppose if you have a mobile store in Pakistan then you can write the different specifications in bullets i.e. 

  • RAM (xxx)
  • Size (xxx)
  • Color (Blue, black…)
  • Camera (xxx pixel) 
  • Etc. 

With this, the customers would be left with the purchase decision only! 

10. Find the Right Hosting Services

Last but not the least...

Running a business without a host is like having the recipe but not the ingredients. This is a necessary purchase you ought to do no matter you want to start an online store in Pakistan or elsewhere. 

These hosting agencies rent you space on their web servers from where you customers can easily access your online store from anywhere around the globe. However, this goes far beyond than just allocating space on a server. 

The entire performance of your website depends upon your chosen web host! 


Your chosen web hosting company must show your products whenever the user searches for them.

Thus, don’t risk your investments and find the best hosting agency that promises you excellent speed along with additional services: 

With such a drastic business competition, running an online store in Pakistan or anywhere else is not that easy. But, don’t worry! The best e-commerce web development solutions have got you covered. With these solutions, your focus just remains on your business and you can easily start selling online.

You just need to make the right choice! 

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