Your Ultimate Guide to Domain Name Registration

Your Ultimate Guide to Domain Name Registration

Wed Mar 03, 2021
Waqas Waheed

Are you planning to launch a website? Then you need to get domain name registration first!

No matter, you want to run a business website or an ecommerce website, buying a domain is the preliminary step every business owner ought to walk through. It not only uplifts your brand awareness but along with that it helps your company stand out in the overwhelming business competition.

Right here, we have listed down the all the necessary steps you need to follow for buying a domain name.

How to Get Domain Name Registration?

To get a domain name registration you need to follow these steps one-by-one: 

  1. Choose the Best Domain Registrar 
  2. Find a Domain Checker
  3. Choose Your Domain Package 
  4. Finish Your Domain Name Registration 
  5. Verify the Ownership of Your Domain Name 

So, let’s walk in to discover the details of how this whole thing works…

1. Choose the Best Domain Registrar

First of all, you need to find the best domain registrar.

Remember, not every domain registrar is licensed to provide their customers all types of domain extensions. And, if they do… most of the time you would be left startled after knowing their prices.

Thus, to save yourself from falling into a trap checkmark the following points:

  • Affordability of Domain Packages

Some of the domain registrars offer affordable domain packages but their annual renewal prices turn out to be surprisingly higher! 

This is why checking your registrar’s domain packages should be your first priority. Otherwise, you might have to face drastic situations in the coming future. Additionally, check their hidden charges to save yourself from minor heart attacks!

So, do some digging and find out your perfect domain registrar! 

  • Transfer of Domains 

You might feel the need to change your domain name. What if your domain registrar leaves you a so-called apologetic letter?  

You would be bound to one single domain! 

To avoid such critical situations, check if your domain agent can help you make certain variations in your domain name. If yes… then go on!

  • Domain Policies

Once you have registered your domain name you have to renew it after a selected time period. 

If you forget to renew your domain name, it would jump on the “domain-for-sale” menu! 

And, selling your domain name means handing over your brand identity to someone else! But, if you’re in good hands you can set an automatic renewal cycle. 

Not only this, with the best agent you can even renew your expired domain! 

So, why don’t you just stick with the best registrar rather than wrestling with poor services? 

2. Find a Domain Checker

The domain name is the first impression of your website! 

Thus, while selecting your domain name make sure it’s easy to pronounce and can be easily remembered by your users. 


Cool, now check its availability on any online domain checker. 

But … 

What if your chosen domain is not available? 

Okay, pack up!


You still can go with your chosen domain name but with little variations. How? 


  • Jump to another domain extension i.e., .org, .com, .edu,.pk domain, etc. 
  • Try to elongate it by adding “my”, “the” or anything else 
  • Reach out to the recent owner and try to make a deal 

3. Choose Your Domain Package

After finalizing your domain name go and check the packages your chosen domain registrar offers. 

Simply, write your chosen name on online domain checker, and there you go…

Loads of packages would appear and you can choose the one that suits you the most and add it to your cart! 

If you’re not looking forward to further variations, then proceed with your checkout and choose the appropriate payment method.

Now, confirm your transaction!

4. Finish Your Domain Name Registration

Now, you’re just one step away from the big start! 

As soon as you complete your transaction, you’re required to complete your registration procedure. 

Remember, this information would be stored in the official database so make sure you fill your form carefully.

Once you’re done… submit your registration form for further proceedings. 

Right here, you might be wondering whether you can change your domain ownership details in future? 

Yes, you can! 

It’s simple, go to domain management in the control panel and start making changes. However, it would take few hours to display all the details. 

5. Verify the Ownership of Your Domain Name

This is the final step of this whole journey! 

You need to verify your ownership of the domain name through the email you used during your registration. 

Usually, the verification email arrives soon after you have submitted your registration form. 

In case, if it does not arrive then send another request immediately from your control panel. We repeat, immediately, because waiting for 7 or 15 days might lead to a suspension of your registration. 

But what if you really forgot to resend the request for verification? 

Don’t worry… Your domain agent has everything under control! 

Go and finish your registration process through your email and keep in mind it would take one or two days to get your domain restarted! 

Now you know how to buy a domain name in Pakistan or in any corner of the world. So, let’s talk about some top tips you need to keep in mind before buying a domain name.

Top-Tips for Buying a Domain Name 

Consider conducting a thorough investigation and decide wisely. After all, your domain name is the first thing your users would encounter! 

So, here are some top tips for domain name registration: 

  • Conduct a Thorough Keyword Research

While drafting a rough sketch of your domain name, make sure it represents your niche. 


Check out what your target audience is looking for. Check the latest keywords on any tool or website to grab an idea of what your users want. Because, your customers would be the ones typing your domain name in their search bars.  

  • Domain Name Should Be Attractive and Easy-to-Remember 

Keep your domain name attractive and catchy. It should potentially depict your business idea and niche. 

Make sure your domain name is easy-to-remember. What if Facebook tried to use “connectyourlovedones”? We bet; it would have taken a few minutes to digest what’s written! 

This is why you need to stick with easy or one-word domain names! 

  • .com Can Help You Stand Out Easily 

.com domain is our top recommended extension. Since it’s coming into action with around 43.44% registrations. Plus, it would help your users to memorize your domain name easily and they would feel confident while making their purchase decision.

  • Try Removing Some Letters 

If your chosen domain name is a bit longer then instead of swapping it with another name you can simply remove some letters. 

For instance, if you want to run an online store in Pakistan and your brand's name is something like “shoe stop” you can simply reduce it to or

Well, this is an effective method to make it sound cool! 

  •  Discuss with Your Friends and Experts 

Maybe choosing the right domain name that perfectly suits your idea might sound like a daunting task for you. 

Well, in this case, you need help! 

Talk to your friends and conduct discussions with the field experts. And figure out what your perfect domain name should be. Hopefully, they would give you an excellent advice that you’re looking for! 

  • Think One Step Ahead!

Domain name registration is a long-term investment. Thus, focusing on just the present day’s requirements might lead you towards a tight spot in the future. 

So, be flexible and make a thought-out decision before purchasing your domain name!

Because it’s not just a name… it’s the whole idea of your business! 

How to Get a Free Domain Name? 

Can you get a free domain name? 

You would be surprised on hearing that you can avoid all the domain expenses and grab free registration!

Isn’t it amazing?


How is this possible?

The best web hosting agencies have made this possible!

If your partner up with best web hosting provider, you get a free domain name registration along with their 24/7 web hosting services! This way you can easily set up your business online with an effective low-cost plan.

Whew! Seems like you’re in for a big deal!

Buying a domain is not that complicated if you follow all the steps provided in this guide. 

No matter you want to launch a website in Pakistan or elsewhere, you need to be super-careful before buying a domain name and make sure you choose the right domain hosting provider!  And, once you’ve gone online with your new business website, don’t forget to secure all the online transactions on your site with an SSL certificate!

Good luck!

Waqas Waheed
The author Waqas Waheed

With over 15 years of hands-on experience in web hosting and Linux, stands out as a practical expert in the field. At Websouls, he applies his deep technical skills to solve complex challenges, directly impacting the success of brands. Waqas's approach combines innovative problem-solving with a rich understanding of digital infrastructure, making him a key player in the industry. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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