How to Attract Customers Online: 7 Proven Ways

How to Attract Customers Online: 7 Proven Ways

Thu Apr 15, 2021

Launching a website and attracting new customers are two different parts of a journey! 

No matter whether you already have an e-commerce website or you’re planning to start one, your company won’t get profits until and unless you start receiving oodles of customers.  

But, the question is how to attract users online? 

Read on to find out what strategies you need to opt for improving your web traffic, sales and, online customer base.  

How to Attract Customers Online?

The process of attracting new customers can transform into a huge hassle if you don’t follow the right tips and practices. So, it’s better not to mess up with your online sales and learn every single technique that can grab the attention of your target audience.

Here’s a list of proven strategies that can uplift not just your web traffic, but also your rate of conversions: 

  1. Build an Attractive Website 
  2. Use Social Media Platforms 
  3. Advertise Your Services 
  4. Grab Powerful Customer Reviews 
  5. Utilize the SALE-ON Technique 
  6. Pay Attention to Partnerships
  7. Offer Free Products or Services


1. Build an Attractive Website

Once you’re done with domain registration, website development is the next and far trickier step to starting your online business.

Remember, a webpage is your organization's representative and is often used to weigh the credibility of a company. You would be surprised on hearing that around 38% of the users jump back from an unattractive website.

This means that a poor website is not only going to cost you a steady stream of the audience but along with that, it can cripple your brand’s reputation! 

Sure enough, you don’t want to suffer this much loss! 

So, choose a web development agency that knows how to build websites and e-commerce stores that actually sell. Do everything in your power to build an attractive website filled with aesthetic colors, because beginnings such as this should always be perfect!

With an engaging website interface, you can enhance your users’ experience which would ultimately reinforce their purchase decision! 


2. Use Social Media Platforms

Did you know that around 3.5 billion people are using social media? Yes, you read it correctly! And guess what? Your target audience is also right out there scrolling through different social media sites. 

This means you can connect to your users within seconds through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Have a look at the benefits of social media:

Remember, every social media platform has a particular set of users and you need to find out where your target audience is scrolling. If you want to sell clothes, then you better stick with Facebook or Instagram because their users are more into fashion. On the other hand, LinkedIn is perfect for educational promotions.

It all depends upon your business’s nature and your products! But, the question is how to find your perfect social media platform?

Here’re some tips that would help you discover your ideal social site for marketing:

  • Consider your company and products
  • Design your target audience’s demographics
  • Find out what platforms your competitors are using
  • Check out how the audience is reacting on your competitor’s different sites

Next time, you come up with a question like “how to attract customers online”, list social media marketing on top of your answer sheet! 


3. Advertise Your Services

Let’s suppose you’re selling clothes online without advertising your products. But, keep in mind the overwhelming competition going out there… Your customers are already buying clothes of your category from their trustworthy website. 

So, how do you reckon your target audience would start buying your product without even knowing that your company actually exists? 

Of course, you can work harder on SEO and boost your ranking on Google’s SERPs. But, it’s a relentless struggle where you have to work day and night for grabbing potential customers online. And, once you pause even just for a couple of weeks, your competitor would rise bestowing you with an increased bounce rate!

But, advertisements work differently.

You just need to invest in the right platform to get started. Here’re some options for you:

  • Google AdWords 
  • Social Media Ads 
  • Remarketing 

The experts are working hard to find out how to attract online customers. And, as per their research, online advertisement is one of the most effective ways to increase your rate of conversion.

Bonus point? You don’t have to wait for months in order to appear in front of your audience! Your ads simply continue popping up on different pages.


4. Grab Powerful Customer Reviews

Do you know how many results Google shows on just typing “books online” on the search engine? Look at the image below: 

This is the case with every single search. Whether you type SEO services in Pakistan, the best web hosting agency or WordPress hosting provider. Google is going to show you millions of results!

Well, with this incredible ratio, your target audience is indeed going to buy from a trustworthy website. 

Wondering what makes a website look more credible? Well, customer reviews help you to appear more trustworthy in front of your audience and can drive them towards purchase. 

Let’s take an example of two websites, one has a plethora of positive reviews and the other with zero or negative reviews. In this case, the organization with better reviews would win the game. Because customers want to make sure they invest in the right thing.  

For those people who keep on asking how to attract customers online, gather as many positive customer reviews as you can! Because this what would help you stand out in the overwhelming cyberspace.  


5. Utilize the Sale-on Technique

How about using “30% off” or “Summer Sale” taglines for your products?

Believe it or not, the sale-on technique is going to grab instant attention of your target audience. This is an evergreen technique to improve your online profits.

Remember the calculations you use to make in your head when you spot a storefront with discount labels? And, try to figure out how much you can save and get? This how with just a single sale-on tagline, the shop owner set you on a purchase journey! 

Well, an e-commerce store also works this way! Whether you run a small business or a huge online store, with this smart tactic you can motivate your customers to buy your product.

The plus point is that you can add killer call-to-action buttons, that have the power to attract more customers. 


6. Pay Attention to Partnerships

By working with other companies and experts of your niche you can easily learn new trends, have access to new resources and even attract customers through trustworthy websites! 

Here’s the some more incredible benefits of partnerships:

  • Build brand awareness 
  • Helps your organization to appear trustworthy 
  • Broadens your product line 

You can sign a contract with any of the renowned companies. But, if you’re a newbie you can continue with small companies as well. It all depends upon how much budget you want to devote to partnerships. 

Start from the initial stages and measure how much success your organization is getting through these collaborations. Study your analytics and figure out new tactics for further improving your rate of conversion. Once you got the grips, you can climb to the next level and partner up with the websites like Google, etc. 


7. Offer Free Products or Services

Offering services like free products to the first buyer or free shipping can incredibly uplift your traffic. It is an excellent way to get the attention of your niche’s audience. 

This trick can really do wonders on social sites. How? Ask your followers to share your posts to get free services or products. Your handful of regular visitors would start tagging your content with their friends bestowing you with an incredible exposure.

Apart from this, you can also conduct free contests. Now you might be thinking about how to attract customers online through free contests? Sessions like photos, comments, voting contests, etc. can engage your customers and bring new buyers to your online store without having to spend a huge amount of money on expensive ads. 

Just try and test to find out what works for you!


Now, you know everything about how to attract customers online! So, if you really want to increase online sales then better master all the techniques that we’ve discussed in this article. 

Else, your website would be left with poor traffic or maybe zero customers! 

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