6 Signs You Need to Switch Your Web Host

6 Signs You Need to Switch Your Web Host

Wed Apr 21, 2021

Selecting a web host means choosing the future of your website! 

The best web hosting company keeps your site up and running most of the time. Further, it offers you rock-solid security where your sensitive data remains beyond the reach of the bad guys. 

But this isn’t always the case! Some of them might offer you cheap plans yet increased downtime and poor services. And, if your web host also falls in this category, then it’s the right time to switch your hosting provider! 

Read on to learn when should you change your web host.  

When Should You Change Your Web Host? 

The poor network infrastructure of your chosen host can yield more and more problems for your site. Thus, if you find yourself in a critical situation then better change your hosting company as soon as possible. Else, you would be left with a poor rate of conversions or maybe zero profits! 

Here’re 6 signs that indicate sticking with a cheap web hosting company can be bad for your business:

  1. Increased Downtime 
  2. Bad Customer Support 
  3. Slow Loading Speed 
  4. Limited Bandwidth 
  5. Poor Server-Security
  6. Missing CDN 


1. Increased Downtime

No matter you’re a newbie or a business tycoon, your website should stay online continuously. Think of a situation, where your target audience is browsing your niche’s services but unfortunately your webpage is down! 

In this case, users would definitely move towards your competitors. Much worse? You can’t do anything to bring your site back to life, everything depends upon your chosen host. And who knows, when are they going to fix their server? 

There’re many ways in which increased downtime can hurt your future leads: 

  • It ruins your brand’s reputation in the market 
  • Customers never return back to such sites  
  • Your marketing expenses are wasted! 

You see how much partnering up with the right web host matters? If you’re experiencing increased downtime, then switch your hosting provider right away!

The ideal ones not only turn on their backup server in case of emergencies but also offer a money-back guarantee in severe conditions. Sounds like, with the best web hosting company you’re in for a treat! 


2. Bad Customer Support

What if an error like this pops up on your screen? “Your website is down for a while. Please, contact your server administrator”. 

Without wasting a single second, you would contact your hosting provider. But your web host is not responding!

Now what? Rest back on your sofa and wait for your provider to hit you back whenever they want? Obviously not! Your website cannot even suffer a minute of downtime. This is why a hosting company’s 24/7 customer support for 365 days really matters. 

You don’t want to be left alone in worst-case scenarios. And, if you’re facing real difficulties getting in touch with your host then you should switch to the one with a reliable team that stays at your back. And, also provides you troubleshooting guidelines for different errors on their website. This way you can solve your problems on your tips without letting your site stay offline for hours.


3. Slow Loading Speed

You would be surprised on hearing that 40% of the consumers abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. This means a slow website can cost you a plethora of users while handing over income to your competitors. 

The server on which your website sits plays an important role in site speed and performance. No matter you’re running your website on a shared server or a dedicated server, it should be able to handle the regular visitors. 

Apart from that, make sure your host uses the latest SSD drives instead of traditional hard drives. Why? Because SSD loads your site quickly for every location without fragmentation. 

It is also mandatory to test your website’s speed every now and then with the help of the tools i.e., Google PageSpeed InsightsPingdom, etc. 

A blazing fast speed can win you more customers and even boost your ranking in terms of search engine optimization. And, if your chosen web host fails to load your website within the first critical seconds, then changing your provider sounds like a perfect option. 

4. Limited Bandwidth

Once your site grows, you would require more bandwidth to manage your increased visitors. And, if your web host couldn’t provide you the desired bandwidth then your site might crash abruptly, which is what you’re trying to avoid.  

In some cases, the hosting providers offer you premium servers i.e., VPS servers, etc., with greater bandwidth that are pretty expensive. But, not every host can fulfill their promise of providing valuable hosting at the right price. 

So, avoid falling into the spam box and make a well-thought-out decision before choosing one. For instance, if you’re running your website on WordPress hosting or shared web hosting in Pakistan, then compare different services with each other and see which one befits your requirement and budget.

If you’re already with a host then consider jumping to the premium servers. But, changing your host is far better because it can bring more advantages in terms of both price and services. 

5. Poor Server-Security

Once you’re done with the website development and domain registration, security would be your prime concern.

The security of your website is your host's responsibility. Not every provider can offer you a rock-solid digital environment and secure servers. And, you know what? Bad guys are diligently waiting to take advantage of the unsecure servers to gain access to your site. 

The malicious attacks not only destroy your files but also steal your sensitive data, which ultimately ruins your brand’s reputation and decreases your credibility. 

Is this what you want? Of course not! Thus, consider changing your host in case it is unable to provide you with a secure hosting environment.  

The ideal web hosting providers offer SSL certificates, server firewalls and conduct regular malware scanning. Apart from choosing the best host, don’t forget to follow the right tips and practices to keep your website safe. 

6. Missing CDN

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) boosts your speed and site performance. How? It makes various copies of your website to store them on different servers throughout the globe. So, next time a user tries to reach your website the closest copy is accessed. Look at the image below and see how CDN works:

This enhances the loading time bestowing you with an increased rate of conversion. For business owners with worldwide customers, choosing a host without CDN can generate site speed errors. But, for the ones having a nationwide audience, working without this wouldn’t be a big deal. 

It all depends upon, your business needs and requirements. For every marketer, having a website that can deliver the requested information at an incredible rate is crucial. Thus, check out whether your host can offer you the latest technologies or not. Because investing in the right host directly impacts your marketing efforts

Ready to Switch Your Host for A Better Future? 

Running a business with a bad web host can drop your traffic and even sales. Thus, if you’ve noticed any issue on your website, it’s time to switch! Shake hands with the top web hosting company in Pakistan or wherever else you’re located, to save your business from a huge disaster! 

Wondering how to choose the ideal one? Here’re some tips for you: 

  • Make sure they offer 99.9% uptime consistency 
  • Check out whether their customers are happy with their services or not
  • See how impressive their clients’ portfolio is 
  • Look for the one that offers user-friendly control panel and data backups 
  • Make sure they can help you upgrade or downsize your plans 

With all these startling features, investing in the right hosting company is worth it!

A hosting company that lacks all these features is not your ideal fit! So, do some digging and find the one that can help your sales to rise incredibly! But, make sure you know all the seven things before purchasing a plan

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