The Only Reasons Why Your E-commerce Website is Not Selling?

The Only Reasons Why Your E-commerce Website is Not Selling?

Wed Apr 07, 2021

Building an online store or e-commerce website is an excellent way to boost your profits!

Despite the fact that there’re millions of e-stores running on the internet, still, oodles of marketers are struggling to be successful. If you count among them, then keep reading because here you would find an answer of why your e-commerce website is not selling?

So, without further ado let’s get into this…


Why Your E-commerce Website is Not Selling?

An unsuccessful e-store clearly means that it is missing some crucial elements that is resulting in an increased bounce rate. 

Here’re 5 reasons why your e-commerce website is not selling: 

  1. Targeting the Wrong Audience! 
  2. Unclear or Missing Call-to-Action
  3. Compromising Website’s Ranking 
  4. Not Hiring the Right Web Hosting Provider 
  5. Not Incorporating Product Images 


1. Targeting the Wrong Audience!

Attracting the wrong audience is one of the major reasons why your e-commerce website is not selling!

Whether you’re offering top-notch products or mediocre services, you won’t receive sales if you keep on selling to the people who don’t want it.  

Thus, discover your audience beforehand! 

However, finding your customers among the millions of users out there is challenging. It is highly advised to divide your customers into different sections based on their demographics.

Look at the image below and learn how you can segment your audience’s demographics: 

Customer segmentation helps to effectively allocate marketing resources and maximizes the selling opportunities. So, it’s better to dig deeper and find out your target audience once you’re ready with your business plan! During this don’t forget to follow the top tips for successful e-commerce website development


2. Unclear or Missing Call-to-Action!

If you want your customers to add some products to the cart, then make sure your buttons help them! And, if you want them to contact you then place your contact info right in front of your users. 

Just like you might hire employees for your storefront to help the customers walk through each section easily, your online store should also guide your visitors. 

Remember the golden rule of e-commerce “never leave your customers alone!”. 

You need to tell them where to go and what to do with the help of CTAs. Killer CTAs enhance user’s experience (UX) which further reinforces their purchase decision.    Such as, you can simply use some provoking terms like “don’t miss the summer sale” etc. 

Have a quick look at the image below and learn how much CTAs matter:

Running a website without proper call-to-action is the major reason why your e-commerce website is not selling. The audience would soon bounce out of such websites with frustration. Thus, make sure your CTAs are with your customers every second!  

Apart from that, get the best website design services in Pakistan or wherever else you’re located. Because colors and designs also enhance your user’s experience. 

Remember, a combination of excellent CTAs and attractive design has the power to convert potential customers into actual buyers.                                                 

3. Compromising Website Ranking

Imagine a storefront located far behind the rush of a city where the customers don’t even bother to go! 

Do you think that this shop can receive a steady stream of customers? Of course not! Only a few people who already know where this shop is located would knock on their door. 

This same situation implies to online selling!

If you want to receive more sales, then your website must appear on top of the search results! Because the first page of the results receives 71% of the entire clicks and only 6% of the clicks happen on the second page!

Here’re some tips for boosting your e-commerce website’s ranking with the help of SEO: 

  • Start publishing high-quality blogs 
  • Use internal linking
  • Incorporate image descriptions and alt tags 
  • Add meta descriptions and title tags
  • Use social accounts to drive the traffic towards your website 

SEO plays a very important role in uplifting your conversion rate. And, for maximum results, you need to publish pro-level blog posts while making use of your niche’s keywords. But, if you find this whole procedure a daunting task, then hire the best SEO services provider and let their experts optimize your website for SEO!

Next time you think of why your e-commerce website is not selling, recall this factor and start working hard on SEO! 

4. Not Hiring the Right Web Hosting Provider

If you’ve hired a web host, then you’re free from handling routine traffic, a huge amount of data, security updates, etc. Because your hosting company is there to manage this all!

The point is, if your hosting provider cannot manage this in one go then your e-store would not receive audience and sales. How? Let’s suppose, your website went offline due to an accidental server breakdown, during this your e-commerce store would not appear in search results if the users try to reach your website.

Further, if your chosen host could not offer you an ideal bandwidth, your webpage would painfully struggle to load in 3 seconds.

You see how much your website’s performance matters?

If your e-commerce store is not selling, then probably you’ve handed over your business to the wrong hosting company!       

Remember, your e-commerce’s performance highly depends upon your chosen host. Thus, before shaking hands with any of the agency you need to make sure that they can help you stay online for most of the time and offer you a secure digital environment to protect your customer’s data. Further, here’re some features you need to consider before choosing any of the web hosting agencies: 

  • Promises 99.9% uptime consistency 
  • Offers affordable and flexible packages
  • Are reliable and trustworthy
  • Offers variety of servers with greater bandwidth
  • Provides exemplary customer support
  • Offers SSL certificate (to improve website’s security)

Make sure, your chosen web host can help you shift from one server to another. Because over time your e-commerce store might start receiving more audience. For this, you need a premium server to manage your traffic spikes.

If you’re on a shared server then managing greater web traffic with smaller bandwidth would be difficult. And, in worst cases, your website can even crash abruptly! This is why you need to make sure that your provider offers you different servers with greater bandwidth i.e., VPS hosting server, dedicated hosting servers, etc. So, you can easily switch to the premium servers and start managing your increasing traffic.

Key-takeaway: Hire a hosting company that can provide you a bundle of additional add-ons (such as domain names etc.) to manage everything in one place! 

5. Not Incorporating Product Images

You need to start using high-quality product images that can help your potential customers to understand your services in the best possible manner. Such images create a good impression on the buyers and make the product description appealing to the visitors.

So, stop asking the questions like why your e-commerce website is not selling and start uploading product images on your e-commerce store.

Now, let’s talk about how to capture pro-level images? 

First of all, you need to accept the fact that a professional setting is not necessary for clicking the images of your products. 

Even with a portable camera, you can start clicking the pictures right away! To make your pictures look more professional start watching YouTube videos. From there, you can learn how simple cameras can click high-quality and attractive images! 

Further, consider all these points as well:

  • Use proper lightening 
  • Buy a tripod 
  • Use image editors 
  • Click multiple shots from different angles 
  • Try using a plain white background 
  • Capture every slightest detail of your product 

With all these tips your products would start flying off the shelves! But, if you have the budget then hiring professional photographs is worth it! 


Why your e-commerce website is not selling? 

Now, you got your answer and can help your website to sell by avoiding all the mistakes that we’ve discussed above! 

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