How to Write Content for Google and Audience

How to Write Content for Both Google and Your Audience?

Wed Jun 08, 2022

Want to rank on the first page of Google’s SERPs?

Well, we all wish that!

But writing content for Google is not enough, you’d have to craft SEO optimized blog posts and web content that also interests your audience.

Although there are several pieces of advice available on the internet to assist you in writing content that Google will discover, they sometimes overlook the human element.

Writing for Google while keeping your audience in mind may appear to be a difficult task at first, but by the conclusion of this post (or with the help of best SEO services in Pakistan) your website can have interesting Google-optimized content on it.

Let's get this party started, shall we?

Google and Readers Go Hand in Hand

"When you're writing for SEO, your audience's reaction should inform about what you're writing," Top Canadian Writers' SEO Manager Daniel Powell explains.

If your viewers don't stick around to read what you've written, Google will notice and take action." Yes, you are correct! Nobody understands exactly how Google's algorithm works, but audience reaction is a huge factor.

Google will give sites that can attract readers and keep them on the site longer and more weight.

That implies your content should consist of more than simply keywords and sales pitches. Every time a visitor comes to your website, you must provide genuine value.

Read below the tips on how to write great content that would be loved by both Google and your audience.

And if you don’t have the time to follow all the steps discussed below, hire the best SEO services in Pakistan to get the job done!

1. Keyword Research

You'll need the correct keywords to employ in your articles, whether writing material for a company website or managing a lifestyle blog.

These keywords will show Google that your post is relevant to readers looking for certain information.

The reader should be able to immediately find what they're looking for by clicking the link. Choosing the perfect keyword combination is crucial, and it may occasionally distinguish skilled content writers from amateurs.

Make a list of keywords related to what you have to offer that your readers could search for online. Along with Google Search Console and Google Analytics, the Google Keyword Planner is a great place to start.

They can help you figure out what people want, how they get to your website pages, how long they spend reading your material, etc.

2. Create Compelling Content

When SEO experts in Pakistan develop fresh material, think about what your viewers want to see. Let's imagine you manage a website that sells gardening products.

You might think just about what your tools do, but it would rapidly get stale. Instead, consider what your buyers could be looking for.

In this scenario, they may be interested in 'how to' articles regarding gardening and plant growth.

Naturally, here is the place where you may discuss your tools.

To achieve success with your blog and create revenue through content generation, it's essential to tailor your content for both human readers and search engines.

A person may develop any form of optimized content from SEO services in Pakistan, from tech guides to hobby-focused websites, as long as it addresses your consumers' demands and wants.

Your website will perform better in search engine rankings if your optimised content fits visitors' purposes and addresses their pain points.

A solid blog beginning enhances the likelihood that the visitor will stay on your page and read the entire piece, as every content writer knows.

On the other hand, a good headline is necessary to entice people to read further.

Before the reader clicks through to the site, a clever title should tell them exactly what it's about. It must be correct as well.

Those readers aren't going around if your title isn't representative of what you're writing about. Again, Google will pick up on this, so make sure your headlines are good. Before you choose one, try out a few different titles.

It must be lively to entice the reader to continue reading.

3. Don’t Forget the Meta Tags

Meta tags are useful for attracting the correct readers and informing Google about the topic of your material. On the other hand, many inexperienced content authors do not consider employing them.

Keywords in meta descriptions exist in the page's code rather than the text.

They'll notify consumers and search engine crawlers exactly what the website is about. It's excellent for attracting the correct audience to your website.

You may use tags to help folks find you if they're looking for "the best time to sow sunflowers." Meta tags are one of the first things that an SEO services provider in Pakistan would do, even though they aren't a ranking factor.

Anybody may have roughly 160 characters to pitch your content to your viewers (and persuade them to click on the article link) while also being inclusive of your most important primary and secondary keywords.

Have a look at this for an example:

4. Make Content Visually Appealing and Optimize Images

Images are typically worth a thousand words!

Here's a step-by-step guide to picture optimisation for search engines, which you should keep in mind when using photographs with your textual material.

Many individuals overlook graphics to concentrate solely on the words they compose.

Unfortunately, no one reads long paragraphs of badly structured text in this day and age. Photos and videos become natural once you realise you need to generate friendly content, or ask your chosen SEO services in Pakistan to do that, so your readers can actually enjoy the content.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep these 5 points in mind when writing a blog:

Content publishing for Google is not the same as other writing jobs. You need to be updated about SEO techniques and tactics while being able to create highly engaging content.

If you don’t have the time or can’t manage writing great content for your website, you can always hire SEO services in Pakistan for great results and higher web traffic!

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