Online Store Vs Physical Store: Which Works Best in Pakistan?

Online Store Vs Physical Store: Which Works Best in Pakistan?

Thu Jun 10, 2021

Over the past few years, technology has evolved incredibly and introduced new shopping trends even in under-development countries.

Today, every local business owner is opting for website development in Pakistan!  

Yes! That’s true! This is why, when we look around ourselves, we witness a sea of both e-commerce and physical stores.

But the question is, with such an overwhelming competition between these two options, which one is the most profitable in Pakistan? No matter whether you’re a newbie or want to expand your brick-and-mortar business, you would want to take your profits to the next level.

So, which type of store can help you achieve your coveted goals? 

Here in this blog, we’re going to highlight all the important points that would help you make the right decision.

So, without further ado, let’s start…  

How to Select the Best Type of Store for Your Business in Pakistan?  

For most of the business owners, choosing between online and physical store is not easy. This is why a number of people end up making the wrong choice!

The easy solution is to consider all the important aspects before starting off. Below are the things that you should keep in your mind while making a decision:

1. The Startup Cost 

Setting up startup costs is the very first step to running a business. This helps to estimate your profits, funds, and attract investors. 

For launching a local business, you would have to calculate the expenses for office space, employees’ salaries, licenses, permits, marketing, utilities, rent, electricity bill, etc. 

But what if we say that you can save all this money?

Well, when it comes to selling online, there is no need to spend on office expenses. Instead, you just have to find the best website development services in Pakistan and get going!

As running an e-store requires no employees and not even an office, business owners only have to focus on the cost of equipment/products, marketing, and e-commerce website. 

Isn’t it incredible?

The best part is that you can spend the saved investments on buying new products or on advertising campaigns.


2. Targeting Potential Buyers

Have you ever walked into a store-front that offers top-notch services but unfortunately doesn’t receive a huge amount of audience? You look around and see that the owner has perfectly arranged every single part of his/her store, but still the business fails to get desired profits!

However, on the other hand, a website selling the same services usually gets more customers.

Ever tried to figure out the reason?

Well, a storefront located in a street is usually left unnoticed by a plethora of potential customers. That’s because physical stores are visited by only a small number of buyers.  

Remember, in this modern age people don’t prefer to move out of their houses to buy products. Instead, they simply type their desired services on search engines i.e., Google, etc.

Did you know that around 85% of shoppers search a business online before making a purchase?

That’s a surprising ratio!

This means if you build a website for your company, you can target a steady stream of audience without spending a lot on building a local store. In fact, the customers of underdeveloped areas located far away from your shop can also easily buy from an online store.

This not only eliminates the headache of managing a store but also helps you run your business smoothly.


3. Customer Experience 

Calling customer experience as the pulse of every business won’t be wrong. If you don’t provide excellent services, how come people would return and buy your products?

Look at the image below and see how much customer experience matters:

Hence, for every business, providing an excellent customer experience is important. And, the key to success is offering great services! 

Local business owners in Pakistan hire the best store managers and employees to make sure the buyers are not left alone during their purchase journey. 

But, there’re chances that consumers arrive at your storefront filled with exhaustion due to the long distance they have to cover just to buy your products. Do you think that that they would return again? Sounds like a big no!  

So, how about providing services at doorsteps?

With an e-commerce website, you can easily showcase your products online where your users can find your products within just a few clicks!

Once you’ve got your website up and running, make sure you provide them 24/7 customer support for 365 days. This would reinforce their purchase decision and ultimately boost your sales! 

Remember, your competitors are already targeting your consumers through websites. This means, not prioritizing online presence can cost you a lot of potential customers!    


4. Future Leads

For every business to survive, generating leads is important to find potential customers and uplifting sales.

So, let’s talk about how you can easily generate leads? 

When it comes to storefronts, business owners can send e-mails, offer discounts, etc., to attract new customers. In this case, they’re left with just a few options. If these handful of techniques don’t work for a store, the company would receive poor sales and profits. 

On the other hand, with an online store, you get a plethora of choices for generating leads. Such as: 

  • Working on SEO optimization to appear on top of the website 
  • Conducting influencer interviews 
  • Building strong networks 
  • Targeting potential customers through Google Ads
  • Creating heavy-hitting guest blogs 

Still, if an e-commerce website doesn’t sell, the experts recommend to leverage the power of social media. Because with these platforms audience can directly reach your landing pages without covering a long distance to your storefront.

That’s ow easy it is to target your niche’s audience with online stores! Whether they are browsing anything on Google or scrolling their Instagram page, you can easily attain your potential customers’ attention!

Sounds like, with an e-commerce website you’re in for a treat!


Every business model has its own advantages, but, keeping up pace with technology has become important than ever before. Thus, getting an ecommerce solution or partnering up with an IT company for custom website development in Pakistan sounds mandatory.

No matter you live in Pakistan or in any corner of the world, a business website would help you reach more customers within no time! 

So, are you ready to start your online journey? Get attractive web layouts for the best website developers in Pakistan. But, don’t forget to avoid 6 fatal web design errors!

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