Warning: Cheap Hosting Can Threaten Your Site's Security

Warning: Cheap Hosting Can Threaten Your Site's Security

Wed May 05, 2021
Waqas Waheed

We need to accept the fact that spending on website designs and layouts is not enough! Hiring the best web hosting company should also rest on top of your priority list if you wish to successfully run an online business.

Having a killer website is a super-smart idea but it won’t matter if you’ve partnered up with a cheap web hosting company. 

Remember, you always get what you pay for! 

Read on to find out how a cheap web hosting company can adversely affect your website’s performance and security. 

5 Reasons Cheap Web Hosting Is Bad for Your Site

Partnering up with cheap web hosting is probably one of the most terrible ideas a business owner can think of. Not only does it drop your rate of conversions, but it also hurts your ranking on search engines.  

Here’re 5 reasons why you should avoid this type of hosting: 

  1. Poor Hosts Load Your Website Slowly 
  2. Cheap Web Hosting Can Jeopardize Website’s Security
  3. Customer Support Really Matters! 
  4. Frequent Downtime Can Kill Your Sales
  5. You Can’t Risk Dropping Your Site’s Rankings 


1. Poor Hosts Load Your Website Slowly

It is the responsibility of the hosting company to run your site at a blazing fast speed. Unfortunately, cheap web hosting offers you low-quality hardware and usually manages a plethora of clients on a single server, leading to poor and incredibly slow loading times for your site. 

Did you know that the first 3 seconds of your website’s loading time decides whether the user would stay there or not? Have a look at the image below:  

You see how much the site’s performance matters for the consumers? You can lose several potential customers just because of bad loading speed! 

No matter you’re running your website on a shared server or a dedicated server in Pakistan, make sure you choose a reliable and trustworthy web host. Because they promise you optimal loading times. Apart from that, you can also optimize your website for better speed with the help of free tools.

But, the question is how would you know the exact loading speed offered by your chosen host without trying the services yourself? Well, for this you need to check out the speed of their customers’ sites. See how fast those websites can load and respond.

2. Cheap Web Hosting Can Jeopardize Website’s Security

Picture this: you’re successfully running a hosting reseller business online. Your website is ranking on top of Google’s search results and customers are happily enjoying your services bestowing you with incredible profits. But, one day the hackers steal your data and everything collapses in just seconds! 

Why did this happen? 

Probably, you were running your site on an insecure server offered by your cheap web hosting company. They’ve poor security maintenance and use outdated servers. And that can result in such disasters. 

Security should never ever be compromised!

Remember, once you lose your customers’ trust, it becomes nearly impossible to rise again with the same reputation in the market. To keep your website’s information beyond the reach of hackers, you need to make sure your host offers you rock-solid security and also buy an SSL certificate.

Here’re some security features you usually don’t get with the cheap web hosting company but only enjoy with the best hosts:

  • Malware scanning 

Cheap hosts don’t conduct malware scanning regularly. The best ones use the latest software and antiviruses to remove malicious files to keep your site clean.

  • DDoS prevention 

Hiving Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) preventions in place is important! DDoS attacks can easily penalize your website if your host is not prepared. So, it’s better to avoid cheap web hosting and chose the one that has set recovery plans for DDoS attacks. 

  • Manual Reboots 

This can help you conduct backups and get your data back in worst-case scenarios. However, it works best for private hosting conducted on a VPS server or a dedicated server. 

  • RAID

RAID is one of the latest technological inventions. It keeps your files safe from spammers and protects your data in case of hardware failure.

3. Customer Support Really Matters!

The error shown in this image below is a nightmare for anyone who runs a business online:

If your website crashes, you would probably want to contact your hosting provider. But, what if they’re not responding at this critical moment? The only option you’re left with is to write an email and wait for the response for a few days. Until then your site would remain offline no matter you get a reply tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. 

And, for a business owner, even one second of downtime can cost a huge amount of money and customers. 

Things would have been easier if you had partnered up with a reliable and dependable hosting company in the first place. Even if you have lost your entire data, you can get it back from the best ones. 

Thus, find an agency that values their users and provides 24/7 customer support for 365 days. So, you can get instant help in the worst cases!

4. Frequent Downtime Can Kill Your Sales

The website showcases your services to the audience. But, what if your website is not even able to appear in the search results? Is this possible? Of course, with a cheap web hosting company your website is more likely to stay offline than it stays online! 

No matter you’ve got the best business or e-commerce website development solutions, if your site is suffering maximum downtime, you’re going to lose future leads and much more.

Hence, make sure your web host offers you 99.9% uptime consistency. This means, your site won’t suffer frequent downtime. The best hosting companies go beyond this and offer compensation or a money-back guarantee in case of accidents.

Do you believe that the remarkable advantages make the choice of the top web hosting service worthwhile? 

You can sign up for tracking tools to make sure everything runs smoothly. Bonus point? These tools keep on monitoring your site regularly and instantly alert you if your website goes down. With this, you can easily find out how your host is performing and figure out when is the right time to change your web host

5. You Can’t Risk Dropping Your Site’s Rankings

The quality of your hosting services directly impacts the ranking of your website. 

How? As discussed earlier, frequent downtime and slow loading speed can leave your website offline. And guess what? Search engines never support such sites. Google keeps a check and balance of every website and ranks the one that can perform excellently on both mobiles and desktops.

Thus, if you’re with a cheap web hosting company, then change it right away. Because for top ranking you need better site performance. And, this is can only happen with the best web hosting company’s top-notch services.

Keep in mind that website development and hiring a web host are one-time tasks, but to uplift your ranking you also need to prioritize SEO optimization. It’s best to hire SEO experts in Pakistan, and let them help you boost your ranking!

Now, you know that how a cheap web hosting company can damage your site’s security and performance. So, let’s talk about why hiring the best web host matters? 

The hosting company is more like your business partner. It always stays with you to keep your site up and running. Here’re some more benefits you can enjoy with the best agencies: 

  • The experts manage your site whereas you keep on saving your time and money
  • You cannot only enhance users’ experience but also uplift site’s ranking 
  • Marketers can easily register domain name 
  • 24/7 technical support can come in handy in critical times!  

Unlike, cheap web hosting companies, the best agencies value their customers and guarantee incredible services. However, it’s important to learn all the 7 things before choosing any hosting provider to save yourself from falling into the hands of spammers. Because, once you confirm the deal, you won’t be left time to regret it!

Now, decide yourself… Do you want to run your business like a pro? Or let the cheap web hosting company ruin your future? The choice is yours!

Waqas Waheed
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