How to Scale Your Freelance Writing Business in 6 Steps?

How to Scale Your Freelance Writing Business in 6 Steps?

Wed Sep 08, 2021

Are you struggling to handle every aspect of your freelance writing business on your own? Do you want to attract a plethora of customers and make more money?

If yes, then it’s time to scale up your business!

But first things first.  You need to discover the success secrets of the leading organizations and choose the best hosting company in Pakistan to make your online business a huge success!

Wait… You don’t have to do it alone! This blog would teach you how to scale up your freelance writing business with the help of some useful tips and tricks. 

So, let’s dive in… 

6 Steps to Scaling Your Freelance Writing Business 

Turning an in-house writing business into a grand organization requires constant dedication and hard work. But, who would not want to enjoy incredible profits and sales? 

The good news is that with the steps discussed below you can easily scale your freelance writing business:

1. Create Your Business Process 

The very first step is creating a business process. 

It helps you to focus on the most important tasks, saves your time, plus, allows you to work more efficiently. 

Before diving deep into the tricks of creating a perfect business process, first, let’s see what does it mean… 

A business process is defined as a set of linked tasks, that helps in achieving the organization’s specific goals. Such as, for your freelance writing business, you can create a business process for assigning tasks to your employees, a second for completing your client’s project, and so on. "During the employee onboarding process, companies should pay attention to task assignment as well."

Before creating one, make sure you follow the steps shown in the image below: 

It’s true that you can get more success and profits if your processes are super-clear and perfectly designed!  


2. Build Your Virtual Office 

Running a business without an online presence in 2021 is a big NO! 

That’s because the internet is holding more users than ever before. Around 4.66 billion people around the world are browsing on search engines. What’s more interesting is that majority of this population search for a business online before making a purchase. 

This means you need to build a website in order to scale up your freelance writing business and then further optimize your pages for SEO to get it on top of the SERPs. So, that whenever your niche’s services are browsed on any search engine, your services appear in front of your users. 

Here’re the steps you need to follow for building a website: 

  1. Choose a perfect domain name for your business and buy it 
  2. Hire Pakistan’s best hosting company (or any other host of a different country)
  3. Hire a web developer or install any WordPress theme
  4. Pickup your site’s themes and make sure to add moving graphics
  5. Set up an automatic billing system 
  6. Add SEO optimized on-page content 
  7. Start uploading key-word rich blogs regularly 

That’s it! 


3. Partner Up with The Best Web Hosting Company

As discussed above, to scale up your business, you need to hire the best hosting company in Pakistan, if that’s where you’re located. 

To help you out, we’ve devoted an entire section to this step, because your website’s entire progress depends on your chosen host. 

Let us first discuss what web hosting is and what’s the duty of your host…

To run your business online, you need space on the internet to store your files and showcase your services to your users. This is where hosting companies come into play! 

They rent you server space and handle all the management chaos without having you do anything! 

However, there’re several organizations out there claiming to be the top hosting companies. But, in reality, not all of them are the same and can promise you excellent services. 

In order to find the best one, checkmark all the things listed below:

  • Exemplary customer support  
  • 99% uptime consistency 
  • Captivating portfolio, plus, years of experience
  • Flexible packages and reliable migration policies
  • Variety of web hosting plans for all budgets, such as Shared hostingDedicated server hosting, etc.  
  • Additional services, i.e., SSL certificate 

Any web hosting company in Pakistan offering all the features listed above would be a perfect match for you. So, conduct deep research, compare different plans of many hosts and then choose the one that befits your needs. 

All done? 

Let’s see what’s next… 


4. Hire Skillful Employees

Now, it’s time to hire the best workers for your freelance writing business. 

Once your customer base starts growing, you might face difficulties while working alone or with a handful of team members.

Hence, find out the best writers who can help you draft heavy-hitting and SEO-optimized content within deadlines. 

This step is a make-or-break future decision! 

If you hire the wrong ones, your clients would be left unsatisfied. Much worse? They won’t return again and not even recommend you to anyone! Isn’t it a nightmare? 

Don’t worry, because here is a process (depicted in the image below) that can help you find perfect workers for your business: 



It is highly advised to test the candidates’ skills before signing a contract with them. This smart trick would help you stay away from inexpert employees!


5. Invest in a Physical Office

Do you think that just building a website is enough to scaling up your freelance writing business? And, letting your employees work from their homes is a good idea? Fairly speaking, this can get your business in trouble! 

Every organization’s progress highly depends on its workers. However, work from home might affect your employees’ productivity due to plenty of distractions going around them. 

Therefore, offer them an ideal workspace through a physical office. Here are the advantages of embracing co-working environments: 

  • Allows spontaneous problem solving 
  • Helps in monitoring workers’ performance 
  • Reinforces employees’ professional development 

Plus point? 

A functional workplace helps in increasing the value of your company and building your identity. Which boosts the organization’s ability to attract more potential clients! 


6. Market Your Business Digitally

Last but not the least, market your freelance writing business! 

Even if you’ve got one of the top web hosting companies of Pakistan to run your website at a blazing fast speed. 

Or, even if your site is ranking on top of the SERPs. 

Still, you need to advertise your services through social media, Google Ads, etc. 


Because a website would only attract customers who are browsing on search engines. But, what about others, like the ones surfing on Twitter or Facebook? You can’t afford to ignore these several users. 

Hence build a successful digital marketing strategy first and then start promoting your business to get more leads.  

Are you ready to scale up your freelance business? 

Follow all the steps discussed above, but don’t rush! Make a well-thought-out decision. Else, you would stick with the wrong employees or won’t be able to find the best web hosting company in Pakistan

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