Top 6 SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2021

Top 6 SEO Trends You Need to Know in 2021

Thu Apr 01, 2021

SEO has always remained one of the significant marketing channels. This is why SEO services in Pakistan and across the globe receive a considerable amount of attention. 

You might have heard people advising you to stop wasting your efforts on SEO optimization because according to them it is dying. But is that so? No! SEO has just evolved! 

Google’s algorithm is usually updated more than once a year. This updates the search engines and introduces new trends.

And, without keeping an eye on the top SEO trends, ranking your website on top of Google’s search results sounds almost impossible. So, better not mess with your web traffic and adopt these trends as soon as possible! 

Let’s jump in and discover the top SEO trends of 2021… 

Top 6 SEO Trends of 2021!

Whether you’re running an e-store or a business website in Pakistan, you need to stay updated and adopt these new SEO trends if you really want to boost your website’s ranking! 

Here’re the top SEO trends of 2021: 

  1. Voice Search
  2. Mobile-Friendliness
  3. Lengthy Content
  4. Featured Snippets 
  5. Video Content
  6. Image Search 


1. Voice Search!

Voice search technology has significantly progressed with the arrival of Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa etc. With this, it is receiving more popularity! 

You would be surprised on hearing that 27% of internet users are utilizing voice search on their mobile phones! 

To upgrade your voice search, conduct a research on your niche’s keywords. Recognize longer expressions that individuals use in ordinary discussion. 

Voice search tends to do better with more natural-sounding expressions. However, when people type they use short phrases. For instance, if a user wants to search “Best SEO services in Pakistan”. He would write this phrase as-it-is on the search engine but elongate it while uttering in the voice search i.e., “list down the best SEO services in Pakistan” etc. 

Voice search optimization would keep on growing as more individuals are opting for it. This is why it is predicted to be one of the top trends of 2021. 

Thus, ignoring voice search means throwing your investments out of the window! 

2. Mobile-Friendliness

As per the new research, nearly 73% of internet users would browse through mobile phones in the next four years. 

With this surprising ratio, if your website could not load on mobile phones, you would miss a steady stream of audience! 

How come people would buy your services or products if your website painfully struggles to load within three seconds on mobile phones? Look at the image below and see the reaction of customers against the poor mobile websites:  


If you want to stay ahead of the pack, make sure your website loads on both smartphones and laptops. Because, if your website could not greet your users well, they are probably never going to buy! 

Here’re some tips for generating an effective and user-friendly mobile website: 

  • Use responsive web designs 
  • Redesign your pop-ups for mobile
  • Hire the best web hosting company 
  • Enable AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) 
  • Try to buy a mobile app 
  • Grab an SSL certificate
  • Use buttons that can be easily clicked
  • Incorporate typography 
  • Add keyboard Triggers 
  • Don’t use buttons that barricades the content! 

And, to make sure your website can run effectively on mobiles, you can test it on different software like Google’s free mobile Friendly test


3. Lengthy Content

Guess what? Lengthy contents receive three times more clicks! Further, four times more shares and tons of back-linking! Which ultimately uplifts the conversion rate! 

Have you ever imagined that just blog posts can bring you this many advantages?  

Gone are those days when you could easily grab a huge amount of audience with just 800 to 1000 words. Now, you need to focus on creating long content of around 2,000 to 3,000 words.

But, are lengthy contents enough to help your website stand out? No! 

If you keep on stuffing your blogs with irrelevant information and boring content, your users would return! Much worse? They would head towards your competitors!

Remember, your posts must maintain quality. And, your writing style should potentially attract your users for keeping them engaged. 

But, how to create high-quality content? This is where the real challenge comes into play! 

Drafting content that can attract users is not easy. Unless you follow some tips and practices. Here is how you can create pro-level contents: 

  • Go for the topics your target audience is looking for
  • Insert your niche’s keywords without irrelevant stuffing 
  • Create a structure of your blog
  • Divide it into main and sub-headings 
  • Use catchy titles 
  • Keep your paragraphs short 
  • Add jaw-dropping stats 
  • Add internal and external linking 
  • Draft a precise meta description 
  • Proofread it 

But, what if we say that you can save yourselves from this long procedure? How? Just get the best SEO services in Pakistan, if that’s where you’re located. And let them design perfect contents for your website without having you to jump into this complex process! 


4. Featured Snippets

Featured snippets rolled out in 2017 and can help you gain prominence easily! Bonus point? They’re short and you can easily steal a huge amount of traffic from your competitors! 

When you type something on Google, it shows tons of results and somewhere on the page, you would find a box providing short information. That’s called a snippet! 

These snippets are regularly organized as a Q&A, brief list item, or how-to direct. They might also include star-based surveys, item costs, and other similar types of information. 

To create snippets, focus on your niche’s keywords that provides in-depth answers to specific questions. 

Try to add Q/A to your websites. This way you can easily rank for snippets because your website would be addressing the users’ queries. 

Keep in mind, your snippets should help your users discover easy and simple answers of their questions. For this, the best SEO services in Pakistan can help you draft perfect content that can published for snippets. 

5. Video Content

Video content would be the king in the coming future! 

There are millions of users on YouTube publishing content regularly! And, more than 6 billion videos are watched on daily basis! Still, if you’re not prioritizing video content, then it’s time to get started! 

Because 90% of the consumers accept that videos help them to make their purchase decision. And, if you’re ready then here are some bits of advice for you: 

  • Start publishing video content on your website along with social sites such as YouTube, Twitter, etc. 
  • Use video templates and save your time 
  • Divide your content in different parts
  • Include powerful and attractive Call-to-actions (CTAs) 
  • Don’t be afraid to use music in your videos! 
  • Stay informative and creative
  • Keep them short and focus on SEO-optimization
  • Record interviews with leaders and experts for instant attention 
  • Try to avoid the selling technique 
  • The first few minutes are very important. Hence, try to build-up curiosity in the very beginning
  • End it on a high note! 

Now let’s talk about where to place your marketing video on your website? As per the experts, the home page is the ideal location for this type of content. 

Placing your video right in front of your audience would help them understand your services without roaming from one page to another. This would enhance the user’s experience. Apart from that, you need to check out which social platform is more trending among your target audience.


6. Image Search

If you want the web traffic to land on your website, then start incorporating image search!

With the incredible progress in technology, the search engines are also changing. A few years back we used phrases for browsing and today we have voice search. 

What about the future? The future would be of image searches! With this, the consumers can insert an image to buy products, get information, and much more. 

This shows that your product and services should appear whenever the user uses the image search option. 

To improve your image search, use high-quality pictures, and don’t forget to optimize the file names as per your area's keywords. Whether you’re running a business website or an e-commerce website, this feature must remain on top of your priority list. If you’re serious about uplifting your ranking!

Make use of buyer’s intent keywords and add them to your site map for better ranking. 

Pro-Tip: Get Reliable SEO Services in Pakistan

Every business owner has to manage so many things in one go. 

This is why handling SEO-optimization for your website might sound like a burden. But, this doesn’t mean that you should start ignoring it. Instead, get the best SEO services in Pakistan. 


Because their field experts offer you excellent services. With the help of which you can rank on top of search engines. This proves that investing in the best SEO agency is worth it

But how can you find your ideal SEO company in Pakistan? This question makes sense because there’re oodles of agencies out there from which choosing your perfect fit is indeed challenging. 

This is where you need to focus on the features of an ideal SEO agency. Thus, before partnering up with any of the SEO company, checkmark all the qualities listed below: 

  • Reliability and trustworthiness 
  • Good industrial reputation 
  • Excellent customer reviews 
  • Customer support 

Make a well-thought-out decision and choose the one that can meet both of your present and future requirements. 

SEO optimization never died and is still alive!  

You can easily start ranking on top of search results if you follow all the tips and practices we’ve discussed above. Or simply get help from the best SEO services in Pakistan

Because the success of your online business highly depends upon the ranking of your website! 

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