Level-Up Your SEO with These 6 SEO Tools

Level-Up Your SEO in 2024 with These 6 SEO Tools

Thu Jun 03, 2021

Google shows millions of pages for every single search query. But, unfortunately, only the websites that have worked hard on SEO optimization tend to rank on top of the SERPs, hence, receiving more audience and a higher number of clicks. Rest of the sites keep on lagging behind with poor traction and even zero visitors.

This is why SEO tools are important!  

The top SEO tools can help you create a list of keywords that your ideal customers are using in their search bars. Moreover, you can spy on your competitors and learn how to improve your SEO for a better ranking.   

So, let’s dive in to learn more about SEO tools… 

Top 6 SEO Tools to Drive Traffic to Your Website  

Let’s be clear, in this modern age uplifting brand awareness through SEO-optimized websites has not only become important but essential for every single website out there. That’s because Google and different search engines are more popular than newspapers or other traditional marketing methods.

So, if you want to uplift your SEO in order to appear in front of your users, try these SEO tools: 

  1. Google Analytics  
  2. Ahrefs 
  3. SEMRush 
  4. SpyFu 
  5. Google Console 
  6. Ubersuggest


1. Google Analytics

Powerful and easy-to-use Google Analytics not only helps the users get valuable insights into their SEO but also allows them to grab detailed information about their audience and competitors. 

Whether you run a small business website or a grand e-store, Google analytics can provide you a perfect performance report of your website where you can learn which SEO strategy is working for you and which needs to be fixed. 

Further, it automatically gets the data from website and shows metrics such as: 

  • From where the traffic is coming? 
  • How long the visitors have stayed on your site? 
  • Which strategy has converted the users into potential customers?
  • Why visitors are bouncing out of your website?
  • Which social platforms can drive traffic to your site?

The best part is that it’s free! You don’t have to pay a single penny to analyze your SEO.

However, it’s a bit complex to master and takes time to understand all the functions. But, with these benefits, devoting your time and efforts to Google Analytics is worth it!

Any site administered by shared hosting or WordPress hosting can track its ranking through Google Analytics to generate a powerful ROI for customers.


2. Ahrefs

For the business owners who are serious about boosting their SEO, having keyword and backlink research tools such as Ahrefs is important. 

Ahrefs has one of the excellent and biggest backlink indexes where you can check your URL ratings of any page. Apart from that, users can conduct keyword research for specific platforms, i.e., Amazon, Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Isn’t it incredible? 

Further, you can also improve your SEO with the help of these tools: 

  • Content explorer 
  • Backlink gap and profiling tools
  • Internal link, plus, site SEO audit tools
  • Keyword research tool 
  • Keyword gap tool 

With all these tools you can grab fresh content ideas, new link opportunities, and also conduct competitor analysis. Best of all, you can easily find the pages with broken links and fix them right away. 

Another feature that sets Ahrefs apart is its user-friendly interface that website owners can use without learning much of the technical aspects. Further, before buying any of their packages, users can get access to trial accounts and check how much this tool can be beneficial for their SEO efforts.


3. SEMRush

Believe it or not, SEMRush is one of the favorites of the Google community! 

With the help of this solid tool, users can get a lot of information about their on-page and technical SEO. And, further utilize the data to draft new content, identify link-building opportunities, and improve the existing content for a better ranking.

In case you got the wrong keyword, SEMRush can also tell you how difficult it would be to rank with this particular word or phrase. 

One of the features that users love about SEMRush is “domain analysis”. With local SEO tools, you have to walk through tedious steps just to check whether your domain name can rank for SEO or not. But, the case with SEMRush is pretty different, users are just required to insert their domain URL to check how it's performing in search results. 

Before signing up for the contract with SEMRush, you can get a free 14 days trial as well. This means, if you find SEMRush a bit hard to manage, you can simply switch to another tool without paying anything! 


4. SpyFu

SpyFu’s incredible features and friendly price have made it a great pick for oodles of business owners. 

Along with providing a list of keywords for your website, it also helps you learn a lot about your competitors’ PPC and SEO strategies, such as: 

  • Their organic keywords 
  • The number monthly clicks your competitors receive on monthly basis, and
  • Their campaigns running through GoogleAds, etc.

With SpyFu’s  incredible features, you can easily keep an eye out for top SEO trends that your competitors are following. Further, by a detailed comparison and contrast of their data, you can easily grab an idea of which keywords are worth working on. 

Apart from that, it can also help the business owners develop new links and partnerships to achieve their marketing goals.  

For every website, running on shared hosting or WordPress hosting, adding SpyFu in your SEO tool Kit, can help you get valuable insights i.e., how many times a particular domain appears on Google. Plus, you can also learn how to find new social media or traditional leads. 

However, if managing your SEO along with your business sounds like a tough call for you, then simply hire the best SEO experts in Lahore or wherever else you’re located. Because they keep on optimizing your content with the latest SEO trends without having you to jump in the entire process! Sounds like with the best SEO agency in Pakistan you’re in for a treat!  


5. Google Console

If you’ve never tried Google Search Console, then better check it out right away! It offers incredible benefits that open up doors for new leads. 

Here is how your website’s SEO can be uplifted by Google Console: 

  • You can have look at how your website appears for featured snippets and rich cards 
  • Google Console generates alerts for improving HTML, title tags, links, etc. 
  • It provides a detailed report about your website’s links that includes: anchor texts, backlinking, internal and external links
  • It shows how your meta descriptions, URL, title tags, site links, etc. looks like on SERPs 
  • With the help of Google Index report you can remove unwanted URLs 
  • It keeps you updated with the latest SEO trends and helps to avoid fatal SEO mistakes
  • Google Search Console helps to identify keyword block resources that you can fix right after acknowledging errors
  • It sends instant e-mail if your website has to undergo a certain issue 

We need to accept the fact that, every website owner needs data of their site. And, for this choosing, Google Console sounds like a perfect idea! 


6. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest emerges as an excellent tool for website proprietors seeking cost-effective alternatives for keyword research. 

With this tool, you can work with suggestions, that’s why it’s called Ubersuggest! 

Users can use it as their go-to keyword generator.  It’s simple to use, you just have to provide one keyword and there you would be left with tons of suggestions along with its search volume estimates and difficult SEO metrics.  

For instance, for a keyword like “SEO in Pakistan”, Ubersuggest would provide the top relevant phrases i.e., “best SEO experts in Pakistan”, etc. 

Besides all that, you can check out from which social channels the top-ranking pages are receiving traffic and many such things. 

What’s more? It works as a free tool and to get its premium features you don’t have to pay a fortune! 


In the end, whether you’re running your website yourself or with the help of the best web hosting company in Pakistan, you should choose a tool that befits your budget and digital marketing requirements. These powerful tools can bring your SEO efforts to the right track by generating valuable insights in just seconds!

Still, if you haven’t tried these SEO tools, then it’s the right time to get started! Because your website’s success highly depends upon your SEO!

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